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  • Gram came from my original name Anagram. I'm mostly called Gram though so I shortened it, plus I like how "gram" is also the name of a mythological Norse sword. xD
    It's from a language of one my friends on here. I asked them what "without title" would mean in their language. ^_^ I got tired of trying to think up titles and I find the default dull and I certainly can't put without title in english (it'd be silly) so I wanted something nobody would know.

    I had free time last night since threads was dead. xD
    I was reading it and Battle Angel Alita at the same time.
    Just read first chapter of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, gotta say him following her into the school like a duckling in the end was hilarious. xD
    Yes definitely do Dengeki first. =D
    lol I see. Well it's quite a nice quote regardless. ^_^
    I've only found a few I like personally, those being Maid Sama, Dengeki Daisy and so far Kimi no Todoke. You should pick it back up! Dengeki Daisy is up to the 60 something chapters now!
    Yeah it's worth the time if ya got nothing better to do and like such stories. =]
    I've also read a few that started out good then I lost interest, which I think means they should've ended sooner.
    So that's were I seen that before! I had planned on trying it by but got distracted by Kimi no Todoke and Dengeki Daisy. xD
    A bit shoujo fan huh? =3
    Hello! Totally random person here but I had to ask....what's your avie from? I looks familiar. Dx
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