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  • Gooood-- been crazy, fun, eventful, and random. God, I'm never on this. Add me on FB if you got it. ;) search under my e-mail: darky_dee4556@yahoo.com

    ... or you can input muh name Demetrio B. Pruneda.
    Apparently Ian was mistaken for a homeless guy when he was having a break outside xD
    Yeah The Dwarves was quite "interesting" it had a lot of sexual references and one of the guys was pretty much schizophrenic.
    This Monday is my 2nd week back ><" and I have 3 hand-ins already, though 2 are just storyboards/concepts, one is a short essay, which I hate doing -_-"
    My group did The Dwarves by Pintor, it was really weird xD
    Me and my flat mate may still go, we aren't sure yet =P
    No exams for me =D but I do have one last hand in, 3D game design =O
    How about you?
    Oh I have been tempted to go see that! Back at High School we did "Theatre of the Absurd" (But we mainly did Pintor) and out teacher talked of it, it seemed interesting o.o But it's expensive for my poor student life style =O
    Wellington is def the city of Arts, it's why I'm hear to study Design =D
    I think I'd freeze to death without my Electric Blanket xD
    Campfire died, I did make a "reignited" one in forum insanity, but most people didn't know what it was so didn't post =(
    Welly's whether is Windy like always xD though we've had some sunshine ish lately o.o it keeps raining again anyway ><"
    There's a few Kiwi's floating around the place.. but I think most have left, it's hard to tell with most people having made up locations xD
    Hey! A user name I recognize! =) We didn't talk much but we hung out in a few of the same threads like Campfire and stuff =D
    How are you?
    Hey, you did visit in mid-December! Except this time I didn't. Oh well.

    Yeah, I'm 18, and considering that I last logged in in June, these boards have slipped from my priority list too. Actually I only come online to see if you've left me a new message! Okay, I graduated from high school back in May, so I've been going to fake college for about 5 months now. Fake college meaning Community College, and then I'm planning to transfer to a 4-year in late 2011. I don't remember how different New Zealand's education system is from America, so you may or may not understand anything I've said just now at all. If you don't, just pretend you do because it's really not that interesting anyway.

    So, since it's summer there right now, I'm guessing you've just graduated as well if you're half a year behind me?? Congratulations!

    This message has been boring, so I'm just gonna list 3 random and amusing things that have happened to me since kingdomhearts2.net/Camp Fire, circa 2005.

    1. The other day I had to break into my own car in my school's parking lot because I left my keys... in the ignition... for 3 hours while I was in class. Breaking in wasn't that difficult because I also left the window rolled down.

    2. I was in my school's musical last spring, and my character was a football (not soccer!) player. For one of the numbers I had to tackle one of those big cushion things... I don't know what they're called. Anyway, so I'm charging forward in masculine fervor, tackle it, slip, and almost fall of the stage. Half my body was literally dangling off the side, and after a few moments of consternation, I scrambled up and finished in utter shame! Yeah...

    3. This isn't really a story, but my internet obsession once this site fizzled from life in 2005 was called VMK, or, Virtual Magic Kingdom, which was like Habbo Hotel (OH, remember when we played that game that one time? You met my real life friend and the next day she asked me how the heck I had a friend in New Zealand. I was just like "uhhh... penpals...." Anyway) except your character is in DISNEYLAND, and it was AWESOME! That lasted about 7 months or so. After that I pretty much stopped having an online life. Now it's just facebook. Well, and this.

    This has been really long... Okay, your turn....
    Okay so I know you haven't even signed on since my last visitor message (Jerk.), but I definitely just read the WHOLE Campfire 6 thread and wow, I just want to say that can't believe I was SO DUMB back then. I don't even know why you were my friend. Although it's sad because later in the thread after I had left, people were talking about "n00bs" who took over the thread, and I think they were talking about me! Sad. And no one questioned my absence at all, which is also sad.

    Anyways yeah, it was a fun read... Nostalgia. I kind of miss this forum. Come online sometime!
    Hey, er, babe!

    Actually, isn't your birthday in November!? So you're 18 now, right? Geez, we're definitely two old timers now... I think we were in the 13/14 range when we use to talk like, every day. *sigh* I miss those times!

    Okay, so you haven't been online in a month, and when you were, I hadn't been online in a month. Let's designate a day where we both log online so we can have a real conversation. A twin reunion, if you will! Like maybe in mid-December or however long it takes you to see this message.
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