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  • Oh, interesting take. But yes, it of course depends. Especially on the maturity and "awareness" of the younger partner in such a relationship.

    So for you it's ok going with an older partner but you won't get with a younger one...I see.

    Funny, as I'm 26 as well, rofl. In honesty though, I would also feel somewhat awkward if I would get into something with a partner aged 17 or lower.

    Oh, ok.

    Alrighty, until then.
    Ahaha, seems I pulled at a string here. Gomen gomen.
    Hah? Oh...I see, rofl, that person would be affected strongly for sure.

    Alright then. ;)

    Hmmhm, I also just remembered another friend of mine (a girl also from the UK) reminded me that in many countries the age of consent is either 14 or 15, so it's probably just a personal tick of mine with the age gaps.
    That would however bring up the question when does something count as "pedo"? A 24year-old having something with a 15year-old?
    It's my view on the whole matter at least.
    Since I am not a shipper I do have plenty of pairings I can accept though, except some that (in my book) really make no sense like pairing up mortal enemies.
    Namin?/Roxas and AkuRoku (as long as there is no overly focus on the sexual component) are part of the acceptable group though. If the ages are more closely though, like i.e. the above Namin?/Roxas, or Sora/Kairi, or Riku/Sora, Sora/Roxas etc. I also have no problems with these components. *ggg*

    Ah, so ya mean in the story, lol. Yes, indeed. Somehow I am even glad that Nomura doesn't give a damn about pairings...because so no "shipping"-faction can claim their pairing is "canon".

    Haha, bored? What's that? If I don't write I am either reading something, play a video game on either PC or console or lurk around the forums. *ggg*
    Smoking is no good, dear. ;P
    I am always somewhat cautious with the romance stuff because it only involves two of the characters, leaving the others out.
    Namin?/Roxas...*ggg*, from what I heard that one wasn't deemed so realistic because they only knew each other for such a short time...not to mention Namin? being the one who brainwashed Roxas to keep him oblivious in the digital Twilight Town.
    Axel/Roxas, lol, most likely the most shipped pairing of the whole series. Due to my own open-minded views I have absolutely no problems with same sex-couples, yet with "AkuRoku" the age gap always bothered me a bit. Especially considering Roxas' simple mindset...it somehow looks as if Axel would just take advantage of him.

    We'll see? You mean the differences between Sora, Ven and Roxas?

    Well yes, it's my main free time occupation. It originally started from a dream about KH I had once back in December 2010 (chapters 1 and 2 cover the actual content of the dream). Then I slowly started to flesh it out into a more complex story and from April 2011 to mid-June 2011 I worked out the whole story in general terms.
    It's one of the aspects I like most of the KH series. The deep friendships and stuff which shows about a form of love that isn't necessarily clich? romantic stuff.
    Yup, and imagine Sora would not have these traits, setting him apart from Ventus and Roxas would be even more difficult.

    Uhm, yeah, it's my biggest pet up to date and I am very motivated to write it further due to many people commenting on it.
    Gehe, thank you, I really hope you'll like it. I am trying to give as much characters decent screen time and tell a compelling plot at the same time. ^___^
    Agreed. From what it looks like these two apparently know each other since crawling stage, very cute. ^__^
    Well yeah, the goofy stuff is a part of his personality though, I would even say that out of Sora, Roxas and Ventus he's the most goofy one. Probably influence from Donald and Goofy, lol.

    Yep, it's like he's flying towards whoever is watching that picture and shouts "catch me!", lol.

    That's what he is, no doubt, a sadistic little asshole and a troll. ;P

    If you have time you should also take a look at it...it has gained somewhat of a small reputation. ^__^
    On that work I am already proud. ^___^
    As one can see in my favorite rankings, I have something for Ventus as well...let's call it a sort of a big brother-complex. Out of the male characters (not counting Stitch and kiddie-Sora and Riku) I think he's the cutest one.
    I'm also so much into Sora, lol, sometimes he's also ridiulously funny.
    And that new picture they have now of him:
    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Ok, that covers the first two females, lol.
    What about Aqua and Xion?

    And the other males?
    Sora, Ven, Riku, Terra and Vanitas? *ggg*

    I tend to not play up my works too much, I'm too modest to take much pride.
    I also do not have time for graphics atm as I concentrate fully on my FanFiction.

    My answers can take some time today since I am doing other stuff besides forum and only check it every few minutes. ;)
    You're definitely much like my other friend regarding Roxas, haha. Sweet...<3

    Gee, thanks. That Awakening took me the longest out of all the graphics.

    Good eyes. I added that single tear to symbolize Ven's injured heart and the long time he's already wounded.
    BtW, beside Roxas, how do you stand towards the other main originals?
    Like Ven, Sora and Vanitas, the rest of the "quartet" and Terra, Aqua, Riku and the "Kairi-triplet"?

    Good night. <3
    I clearly understand why. ^___^
    I also adore that wally so much I have it as my desktop background ever since I created it on my birthday last year.
    BtW, did ya notice the little "extra" I added to it?

    Aha...okidoki, let's see that when ya ready. ^___^

    If you love that one you'll probably melt/squeal with this one I saved for last, hehe:

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    I love love love love the Inside Sora's heart one! <3

    I have designed my keyblade also and my character. :D I'll show you when I can. :)

    Awesome stuff man!
    They took several hours to complete, yep. That's why I only have two keyblades so far. In my own head I designated the Balance Protector as the standard form of my own Keyblade and the Radiant Heart being a keychain for it.
    Although I could surely see Riku wielding the Balance Protector and Sora, Ven or Roxas the Radiant Heart.

    On then to actual wallpapers and stuff, hehe:

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Not a single problem with imageshack, lol, and there I don't need to give away personal data. :p

    Like these, my custom keyblades:
    (Warning though, they're big)
    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Hehe, you somehow remind me of another boy I know who is also a total Roxas-fanatic. <3
    Yeah, there are certain times a day when the forums are rather quiet. ^__^

    Hmm, maybe I should show you some of my other KH-related graphics...?
    Well, like I said that, I will be around for another hour. ;)

    I will eventually have to fetch some sleep, yep, but not right away.
    I see ya got a new signature. Looks pretty awesome, like Twilight Town-theme.
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