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  • Jozi, do you mind if you change the name of your keyblades up a bit? I don't care if they look like them but I just don't want any confusion
    I LIKE IT A LOT!!! Honestly i've never been able o put any of my rp's in that neatness:)
    Sorry bout that. I wanted to your character to be sent with a squad to speak with Konoha and Kumo kages. It'll decide who the Land of Iron supports
    That's fine with me. Go ahead. Gla you choose iron. I got a job for your character when the rp starts.
    "It's enough to make a guy angry. So angry that you can call it rage. Rage that specially located in western most county of new york. Also known as Brooklyn."
    Also, Zack is going to be the oldest of the Rangers. And we're gonna keep in spirit with the "Zack's Birthday" episode of MMPR.
    Since you're gonna be zack, i was wondering if you can make his personality a bit different. Like, make him kind of a loner, someone who doesn't work well with others and is hard to read.
    as I said, they're super advanced, they have battle suits and they have higher intelligence and adaptability rate... so they can combat against this new threat... they can eletronically silence Amplifiers of any sort, and yes they do have earplugs but that's kind of a longshot. they have five different classes... level fours are common foot soldiers, level threes are officers and command small battalions... level fives are stronger than fours and they are specilaized classes and only listen to level twos as guardians... level twos are decently higher modified than fives but fives protect them, they are the generals and command the threes, fives and fours in their unit. Level ones are the top brass... there's only 8 of them, they use decimals to symbolize authority... level 1.8 is the top and work their way down.

    weapons wise they use two types of weapons.
    1-basic elimination, these include lasers and anything else but they have a wide range of these weapons.
    2- Electronic silencers, these disable sound in any way in weapon form. these are effective against Ampers, and electronic music of any kind.

    I'd like to add on some more of these for the enemy and I have an idea for a traitor Romulan in the level 1's.

    now for the good guys...
    there's no military rankings in this faction. They are led by the ones who brought them together... although it can depend on the respect for the person itself.

    but the major leader of all of the scattered 'freedom fighters' is known as the 'trancendant instrumentalist'
    he alone has the power to unite all the world's surviving fighters and give hope for survival.

    in all three chapters, there are gonna be 6 'trancendant instrumentalists' (1 dies in the first chapter)
    and they march in the final chapter, finally united... to take the last stronghold... the Lunar base of Emperion, to finish off what's left of the soldiers and the last of the number ones...
    he's gonna be my characther... but each chapter is going to have one protagonist... one different from the previous... but the first and second are going to have a special connection...
    I'm currently overviewing it... I can't transfer it to my home computer until tomorrow but I haven't finished it yet...But it's going to have a serious tone... I know it sounds like a funny type RP, but it's not...
    the first chapter is underway... It follows the first protagonist and the founding of the resisting force against the Romulans
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