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  • I shall add you :) (to make up 25 characters, ugh I remember having to do this a lot when I used to come on here)
    It actually has been forever lol, I've been good, you?

    Do you have msn so we can talk on that? Or yahoo, I think yahoo and msn people can talk to eachother :S
    Haha I always have like music video dreams! ^_^ Well I have to go, I'll ttyl! Bye! *Hugs*
    I am lol... I can hear the music in my dreams but it still doesn't wake me up!
    Lol it takes me longer than that ^_^ I can't even wake up to my alarm clock in the morning... on full blast.
    It's 9:30 here. I'm so not a morning person, I wish I could sleep all day and stay up all night lol.
    I've been on since like 7 lol... and I'm not tired I hate going to sleep early and I have to do debate and I'm a total night owl! That was just a horrible run on sentece >.<
    Hehe ^_^ Ugh my neck is so sore... I've been at the computer too long lol.
    Lol okay I'll try to make that transition a little better. Thanks for your help! ^_^
    You're right I probably should add that in. I'm not sure what to do for that though because nothing really happens, Xemnas finds her and then he brings her to TWTNW and then chapter 2. I need something exciting to happen in it :p
    Yeah the first one still needs work, I was trying to make the second one funnier, I like the whole org dialouge in the beginning lol.
    Haha I hope I do, I know what's going to happen(to some extent) but I don't know what happens inbetween. This happens to me all the time lol, I can never finish a story I really want to try and finish this.
    Sorry it took so long for me to reply, I was reading a fanfic lol.

    Oh and guess what? I started a fanfic and I have like 2 1/2 chapters but I don't want to post it yet b/c I'm not sure where the plot is going lol.
    I hope so lol ^_^ Oh yeah Ta-chan's good I should request from her... idk this requesting stuff is hard lol.
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