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    Has any one seen it?

    Thanx...I liked the video.
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    Sora a duel weilder!O.0;;

    probable more magic abilities...
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    do you know

    Ooooh...ok....i get it, thanx
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    Guns and Gizmos for KH2?

    I wish that were true, that would be so cool...
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    11 New Screens!

    Nice, i like the screens.
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    do you know

    what?...what is: reverse/rebirth-ish?
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    Guns and Gizmos for KH2?

    OH YEA!!...i remeber that...but that was his character. He's suppose to have a gun.
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    do you know

    no problem...lol
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    xaldin theory

    I agree, i don't think it's xaldin either.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 storyline topic

    well....there has to be some reason for BHK existence. I think BHK and Sora have to have a conection, somehow.
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    do you know

    During the game it should say something like: please remove disc1 and put in disc2. It stop and tell you that like....after some important skit or something...
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    do you know

    I had once played a game, that all u did was put the second disc in....i doubt there will be alot of disc changing....(i hope, anyway)
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    Guns and Gizmos for KH2?

    NO!....i like swords and keyblades, (and other weapons) better. I think the closes thing to a gun they should have is, Leons sword.
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    Oogie Boogie???????

    That's true:D
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    Oogie Boogie???????

    lol...the first time I fought Melificent....she was hard as hell, but if she does return, i'll be looking for revenge...for my stress of losing over and over...lol