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  • Hahaha I just don't get it!!! Why do girls want to ruin all of our fun?!?!?! We aren't tryin to mess wit dey book club meetings and tea parties so why can't i watch Monday night football??? hahaha
    hahaha will do!!! That's not to hard to do actually... All my drama usually comes from girls... Can't live with'em... Can't live without' em
    I agree with that statement 100%... And it really sucks when those people are grown ups... I mean really? You have had 20-30 years to get it right and you still cant grow up?
    It is set 10 years after Shippuden, Part 2 will be 3 years after part 1. So, it'll be 13 years ^^

    And children are allowed, my Hokage is actually the daughter of Naruto
    Um, yes. The Uchiha clan is wiped out so if your guy is an Uchiha that massacre needs to be added in, I have two Uchiha characters one of them pure blooded Uchiha the other isn't.

    Akatsuki has all but the Kyuubi and some other tailed-beast. They are both taken.

    Akatsuki numbers are very low
    From what I can tell from your name, and well avatar. That you are a fan, or at least watch Naruto, I'm in an RP called Battle in the Land of Hearts, it's a Kingdom Hearts/Naruto RP. Part 1 has finished but Part 2 will be up in a bit, I was wondering if you want to join. We need Kages, Akatsuki, and Org XIII members.

    I already have 3 Akatsuki members and a Hokage, so; you could like be Jonin and an Akatsuki, or even one of the Kages. I would appreciate it if you could check it out ^^


    I would be more than happy to look at your temp if you want too
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