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  • Hey KingdomSlayer2, I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
    I hope you're doing well too!

    And I'm doing good, mostly reading books lately. :3
    in particular, idk if you did. i just mean in general. i remember when i was younger i was kind of the same way you are and i'm just giving you advice.
    listen dude. you just gotta relax, pull back, refocus. get some perspective, some BOFA even.
    He decided that he didn't want to be here anymore, so he created a thread that called out every single person he didn't like on their shit. Most of those people happened to be powerful old-timers and mods. Suicide by cop, basically. =w=

    I'm still in regular contact with him though, so the only thing that's changed is that our conversations aren't in FI anymore.
    What indeed... uh. Audo returned and pissed a lot of people off. An idiot called Samhain returned too and pissed even more people off. Disney Infinity was discontinued so we'll never get a Sora figurine. Anagram decided to leave in a blaze of pissing-lots-of-people-off glory. And the NBA used Darkness of the Unknown in one of their video clips.

    psure I missed a lot of stuff, but w/e.
    Yo hey. You missed the mods and admins shitposting about french fries and cheese curds the other day.
    It's being eaten. Very, very slowly. I'll admit that Unchained has given me an actual reason to carry the thing around for once.
    Sweet! I still can't think if I should spend my jewels on more medals or just some other stuff.
    Level 14 currently and on mission 38. My union is Leopardos, and I'm an admin at the KHiRebels party. How about you?
    I'm guessing everyone is addicted to Unchained X now? Even I am and I'm not even an app game player xD.
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