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  • Oh well then, yeah i do feel like playing video games more in the rain. If its nice outside id want to be outside

    So what other games do you like? and like anime right?
    thats about the same temperature here, and its even raining right now, so i dont think you would like it. ANd i dont think i can take the heat of where you are from. I hate it when it gets hot
    Okay i think i got it. Its harder to understand you sometimes then you would think XD but thats so cool i know someone from vietnam! It must be hot there right now isnt it? its really cold where im from
    You thought i was 20 years old? I guess i should be flattered but im only 16, and very much a kid but i still cant wait to be 17 soon
    *looks at your age and birthday* HOLY CRAP! Your birthday is almost identical to mine mine is march 15 1993, and yours is march 20! Your 5 days older than me XD
    Yeah i know im pretty lucky! So wait that means that p4 is easier than p3? See ive beaten p3 owned p4 for a second, but i had to take it back cuz my mom found out both were m, but i still think p4 is super cool cuz ive seen basically the whole story online
    Its okay i bet tons of avatars from other places are on livejournal

    Oh and the battle music is AWESOME! I have it on my psp to listen to, but my most favorite battle music is from persona 3
    Yeah i know because i have your avatar saved , its from this site XD. and persona 4, you made a really great signature i love the opening
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