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  • Look at Xaldin hand drawn are, namely Nomura, and you'll see it better.

    Even seemed to be the one to look after him most so it's likely. Though it's best to wait till 3 before you judge any apprentices behavior.
    Another fun thing to note. Vexen lacked eyes or ears but Xaldin had pointed ears like Xehanort does.

    I don't think it has significance since Sora and Riku have actual parents but they've only been mentioned at the start of the first game and once in BBS. lol
    I'm surprised people like Ienzo. He was the one that suggested building the lab for all the experiments that took place and worst yet even though AtW adopted him Ienzo still helped Xehanort.
    Your not looking close enough then. The differences are only slight. If you look at them ignoring their hair styles and hair color you'll see the near identical model.

    That's a theory that's been tossed around. It's possible. Them turning back into their nobody looks (at least Braig) could just be Xehanort's influence.
    But due to time travel and all those other concepts I don't rule out any theory as being possible or more likely at this point. There's good cases and arguments for all of them. The only real decider on it is KH3. But on a personal level I'd rather have that cause I'm tired of this series "multiple me's" syndrome. (it's ran it way to far into the ground)

    As for being the only ones norted. Don't rule anyone out yet. Even and Dilan are still "unstable" for whatever reasons. Xemnas also remarks in Days reports that Vexen's defeat was unexpected. To some extent he valued Vexen. Xaldin showed nothing but disdain for having a heart.
    They also don't fall into Xemnas' list of being weak of "body, trust or will".
    I think it's likely. Namine was born in the exact same moment but appeared in Castle Oblivion where Ventus body is sleeping. She was also born with blonde hair.
    I wouldn't say Ven had more of an affect on either though. Many of the things in Roxas life was due to Sora. Lack of memory, having a keyblade, being a nobody, his power, his dreams, etc. Nearly everything was an affect of Sora.
    Only the face and second keyblade was due to Ven. And if you notice Sora, Ven, Roxas, Vanitas all have the same face model. The only differences are their hair and personality.
    Where Roxas was born though could be tied to Ven or just random.
    No given reason. Nobodies form in the realm between but what world is assumed random for now.

    Can't blame them really. Nomura never explains it and when he does it's in some obscure place so they have to analyze themselves. xD
    He was referring to Terra, Aqua, Ventus. Remember KH2 had hints to BBS as BBS was the next intended title. The secret video, the introduction of a "Xehanort", Xigbars comments, all that was hinting to BBS.

    That's actually not something elaborated on as far as I know. I've often wondered it myself. I think it could either be A) him just being able to notice cause of Ansem the Wises experiments on the heart or B) He was already in on it with at least Braig.

    That's actually something that I got into an argument with another member over the other day. You see the whole deal with Braig and Xigbar is a mystery. Nomura in interview calls him Braig in DDD but in DDD itself the reports (story section) calls him Xigbar.
    The reports also list both Xigbar and Braig as entires. Then you have the credit roll.
    2.5 also adds issues cause Braig is the one that is shown returning and mentioning his own plans.
    It's a big mystery cause we don't know why he's being presented as both.

    Like I listed in that thread yesterday I see three more likely options.
    A) Xigbar in DDD is from the past. YX was the only confirmed one meaning pretty much everyone but YX and MX are possibly from the past.
    B) Xehanort's influence warped Braig's appearance to Xigbar by DDD.
    C) (and this one I dislike myself) replica.

    It's all up in the air right now which is a bit annoying. xD
    2 things, first it was kind of hinted at when Xigbar said, right before you fight him in 2, "you aren't half the hero the others were." I guess from a standpoint at the time people could think he was referring to the Org but they weren't heros so that would make one think what he knows and what he's referring to.

    Second, as I'm playing thru Ven's story, even before Even tells him they are destined to cross paths again, he knows what Ven's deal is. When he tells Aeleus and Dilan to stay at the castle. Right now I'm looking at it as either maybe YX visited him and told him, as well as maybe Braig or MX OR he just has some kind of 6th sense thing for it, being what seems to be not an average scientist.
    Xigbar was always more interesting for it really. He knew geezornort so he was in on things even Xemnas probably couldn't comprehend. xD
    True, in terms of power it was Xemnas, then Saix. Xigbar wasn't really in any sort of power, he just had a reason to be number II and stayed low key.
    The number order isn't really important. Saix too was in the upper levels of power but was number 7.

    Order doesn't matter past Xemnas. lol
    It's possible Even is in on it though it could be Braig or Xehanort that let him in on it. They're relationship is never shown so we don't know how those two interacted.
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