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  • i would slow down on the thread starting if i were you. its okay to have questions but if you have that many you might wanna just make one thread with several topics. just an idea. u dont want any of the mods to get angry at you.
    Welcome to KHIF!!!!!
    =D I am obviously Madam Lyssa, spreader of the lys, gamer compulsive, and professional retard.
    it's nice to meet you. ^^
    some kind of overkill on marluxxy, hm?
    try the forum of insanity, you can be crazy there. =]
    Hey man its cool just chill down, and have fun thats all its about. I'm here to be your friend.
    Hm...well there is ONE place you can be a troublemaker >:3... it's called Roleplaying... you ever hear of it? it's really fun you should try it... you can create your own characters to be evil! hahah after some practice, it would be really fun!
    What's up? the names Brol or Dy hahah u can call me whichever one... anyway if u gots any probs pm me or comment me...i'll be glad to help yah out
    i have one but it kinda sucks,so could you make me one with this joker quote "in their last moments people show you who they really are,so in a way i knew your friends better than you ever did,wanna know wich one of them were cowards?"and a pict of roxas or axel
    just follow the rules and u will gain Rep poits over time, btw let me know if u need a sig, id be glad to make one for u
    well, to post threads u go the thing at the top of the list of topics and hit new thread, and it depends on how and to where u want the upload the pics to
    i need a lot help,thank you,to start with umm how can i upload my picts and post new threads,thanks in advance
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