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  • No apologies necessary dude, they weren't too kind to me either.
    And no worries, take your time, I've got about a month off to ponder over some other ideas.
    Ahoy, sorry for my absence, I ran into a lot of things that needed doing. The hat maketh the man.
    Aaaaaaanyhow, traits along those lines are exactly what I was thinking, so I'm all for those.

    Next setting question: What sort of weaponry are you thinking of, for the violent folk of the universe? And what sort of plot do you think the characters should be involved with?
    Yeah, that's pretty much my exact line of thought. I wouldn't say the traits are anything that'd make settlers seem to be something that'd no longer fill the role of 'human', though that would depend how far humanity's spread. Kind of on that note, would humanity have found planets that'd sustain the race, or would we be going for an array of massive space stations? Personally, I like the idea of using both.

    But what if the hippos wore hats.
    See, I'm actually cool with just having humans, but it's still a fun idea to brainstorm some other species. When I'm given the option to pick between humanity and something else these days, I throw myself violently at humanity. Glory to mankind, and all that.

    I recently saw something that touched on space faring hippopotamus people that use black powder guns. I'm going to assume they might not quite make the cut. Though, I'm kind of liking the idea of slightly more realistic alternatives, like androids, or humans with slight evolutionary differences.
    I'd completely forgotten about Orion, dude was a wizard.

    Now that's a good question. I like all three of those ideas, actually. Maybe a resource hunt with the background of an intergalactic war? Are you thinking of just having humanity, or another predominant species or two?
    I was kinda hoping you'd go that way, I'm digging space-y stuff lately. So, I take it we're heading in the science-fiction direction? We certainly haven't done that before.
    I'm feeling original right now. It speaks to me.
    What're you feeling setting wise? Fantasy, modern, a random space ship?

    Oh jesus, that just makes being a solicitor sound like a bag of laughs...
    Mother trucker I bloody forgot to respond to you again. I'm so bloody sorry.
    My answer is an immediate "yes". You got any ideas for it so far? Holy hell I already feel rusty.

    And my sister's wedding was really cool, very happy for her. The drinks were free all night, and I managed to find a beer and red wine that I like.
    Shit shit s h i t, sorry dude I thought I'd replied ages ago and was waiting for a response. My bad, my bad.
    You on your mid-semester break yet? Haven't gotten up to much in mine so far, besides my sister's wedding and just chilling out. Been a great time, really.
    Holy crap, 97?! That's a pretty damn wild ATAR dude, well done.
    Concrete sure as hell isn't nice to look at, the books shield your eyes from the ugliness. We've got a single lake and a couple courtyards here. Lake's always brown, but there're ducks at least.
    It'll be great once I actually get some of em, ey?
    I'm at Flinders Uni. To be honest I picked it over the other two in Adelaide because it just looks nicer. Nice and green, not all cement and bricks like UniSA and Adelaide Uni. That's a pretty snazzy-sounding uni bro, what's it like there?
    Nice dude. I was going for law, but then I saw the ATAR requirement and went "ehhhhhh".

    The hall's pretty decent overall. The dinners are pretty great (or at least they have been recently) and my dorm's big enough, but the wifi problems here right now are going to kill me (which is actually why it took me a bit to respond). Not receiving any social benefits, actually, I just threw my name down for a pile of scholarships like a madman.

    Hell dude, sounds like you're doing pretty well at the moment. You're right though, a move like that would be a big decision, the legal industry isn't so easy to get a foothold in, as you've said.
    Oh yeah? What degree are you working towards dude? Still in Brisbane?

    I'm studying a Bachelor of Business, planning to move into a Doctorate of Philosophy a couple years after I get my degree ((just so i can say i've got a doctorate, mind you)).
    Oh, sorry, I completely forgot to say: I'm at a uni's hall, so I'm kicking back in a dorm room. What's really terrible here is the traffic, strikes fear into my rural heart.
    What is hip-hop-happening bro!? You're right, it has been ages hey?
    I'm doing pretty good, moved away from home to go to uni in Adelaide, which is pretty fun. What's goin on on your end?

    Ho shit it's been roughly two years. Wowzas.

    I had to forgotten to reply earlier, then completely forgotten about the message. My bad, brother.

    I also completely forgot that you said duo roleplay earlier, but yes, I would be more than down with that.

    Also, happy Easter weekend, time for me to put on those kilos I've been burning off.
    Ahh, okay, I can get that.

    I like that tbh, but I from what I know of the RP section atm not that many people would be attracted to it unless we 'dumbed it down' a fair bit ._.
    That sounds like it could work, actually. I like the fact that hell's centre is a frozen wasteland, that's pretty cool.

    So Hell's got bad people, as well as those that did pretty much nothing moral-wise?
    Ah, right on. Poetry can bite me, I'm not good with it tbh.

    I'd have to look into it a little, then.
    "All right, fists then."
    "Sounds like your last Saturday night."

    Do you mean the poem or the game? I just managed to beat Dark Souls 2, so I've cleared all the Souls game to date, git gud.
    Yeah, original is the way to go these days, methinks.

    Also, just saw Deadpool, fucking wicked.
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