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    yeah. my friend suggested i add you. said you were pretty cool. i don't have many of my own friends on here. most of them are my sister's friends that she had add me. thank you for clicking yes. or whatever the button is. lol how are you?
    holy crap!! thats alot that I don't know or can't play. Pokemon!!!! I love that. all the others I can't don't want to or don't know of to play them.
    hey there. love your sig. and uh...you seem like a cool guy. faeba's my firend irl. and Kiesha_Maeve is my sister. and they seem to like you so I thought I'd talk to you to.
    hello dear sir. (filler stuffs here. i like that) i hate the character limit.
    Maybe I could draw your characters for you. :3

    I'm so happy with doing commisions. :D I need new stuff to work on.
    You have two friends now, sir.

    My deviantart is iheartharu. Take a look at my art if you wish. :3
    I draw anthro art too. I'm not that great. Mostly I just stick ears on any person I draw. xD Maybe I am a furry...

    IDK. xD
    xD I am not a furry myself. However, I do have furry friends. My avatar is my fursona.

    At least you could tell it was an animal. xD Madora Moogle was like..."wut is that I'm confused" and I had to tell him it was my fursona. Then he didn't know what a fursona was.
    What do you do on here then? I just joined a couple days ago and I'm all over the forums and working on making friends.
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