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  • I've been here since Sept 2009 I couldn't care less about reaching Premium now lol
    So how've ya been?
    Hey I wono Kitty too pleas! But people say eye number 2 or 11 But I dont know were they got thous! OK?
    Pfft. Sounds fun. I just saw a bunch and was like WHAT IS THIS?

    They're really cute though.
    I know it's a bit rude, but... umm... can I get a medium sized version of my cute kitty? (Is rude and ungrateful)
    YoYo got the kat and she really likes it :) Thank you again... unfortunately she's still having computer problems.
    I use Prisma and Blick, they're both pretty high quality and the color doesn't fade. Although I also use ones that are made at my local art supply store... I would use paint but whenever I do it starts dripping over the lines and mixing with with the other colors.

    I do, but I haven't put anything on it yet. I need a better scanner... I'll tel you when I finally put something on it ^^
    If you're still making them when she gets her computer fixed then she'll probably do the same for me :) So I can wait... I think your gifs look great on any background.

    I do mainly 2D line art, drawing mainly, I'm experimenting with Photoshop. Basically I like drawing the design on paper and then adding color digitally... although I sometimes use paint or a high quality colored pencil. I can create all sorts of things with a pencil and a blank piece of paper...
    Thank you again for the kat :) My friend YoYo is having computer trouble so she can't log on to often right now. So rather than request a kat for myself I thought I'd request one for her. She'll be so excited <3

    In your biography thing it says that you're an artist. So am i :D What type of stuff do make aside from kute kittehs?
    Hello kitteh person...
    D'aw. 8D <333 I totally adore your drawing skills~
    And I have a profile album with pictures of me if you want to make sure that you're not chatting with some pedo. c8
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