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  • Hehe, that would of been amusing if it was.

    Okay, at least that got cleared up. ^^

    Ben up to anything interesting lately?
    *slaps herself in the face* It was supposed to be 'holds hands up', my phone made it type up that senseless babble. Sorry about that.

    I know, I just wanted to let you know. So I'm sorry about sounding defensive.
    *Hilda baja up* Sorry, I'm not trying to pick a fight but I was just curious. Although I can understand what you mean by that thing with rps.
    I've been alright, just busy with life and getting ready for my next semester of college.

    Out of curiosity, are you keeping an eye on Apocalypse because you're curious about where we're going to take it or are you thinking of coming back? Just curious because I've seen you on the OOC thread. Not that either's an issue, it's just me and my curiosity getting the better of me.
    Hang on, did you not receive my message? Dang, my bad dude, I guess I never hit send :S

    Yeah, that's true, I don't have the time really between being admin of the KH war and also college and school, keeping track of a well developed RP in it's relatively late stages is a no go for me man, sorry.
    They were tough, but thankfully I won't have to do them again!! How were yours? Sorry, I meant to have posted already, but things have been crazy... I'll have one up this weekend for sure!
    I know, it's been so long it's practically shocking, huh? Haha.

    It's been so long, I'd still be welcome? I may not be very active after break ends.
    Absolutely, if it's all right with you. Now that finals are over, I should have more time to post. Once I read those battle rules a few times, anyway!
    Yes, I will be coming back. I've just been kind of lurking around the site, and every time I wander on I get distracted by something. (Perhaps a shiny object.) Sorry. ^^
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