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  • Oh, no. I understand completely, just didn't like that I called you out on it and then blatantly lied still about it. xD

    No problem, I'm not one to hold a grudge for a month, let alone two years. :p
    Name looks familiar, but not ringing any bells yet... anyway but yeah KHI is a alot better place for theories and idea about KH and most other topics too. Just don't do anything stupid and you should be fine.
    It is. I mainly joined KHV to see what it was like, and its a lot different compared to KHI. Lots more spam threads over at KHV.
    Dax? I don't remember anyone with that name. I'm sorry, I'm on there so little that I've started having trouble remember names unless I talk to them often. Nothing personal.
    Well I know for a fact you are daxma on KHV, so...

    And from your posts in the 'ferno section, you were around for oldferno, meaning you were around for it, though you joined this month, 2 years after oldferno opened. Only those who played with the 5 AP/lvl even mention getting it back. You talked of the story being linear when you've only made it to Deep Jungle, another nod to old times... Training dojos ie. Powerleveling has been outlawed and frowned upon for a very long time and has not even worked for the entirety of newferno existence. Daxma was a huge powerleveler. Got up to level 60 before even going forward through Monstro of oldferno Monstro. And~ With one mention of the Organization of Shadows under your proverbial belt, you've already wondered of joining them... >_> Uh-huh.

    Anywayz, I have no problem with being friends, I just don't like it when someone blatantly lies to me.
    Oh, I forgot to tell you that I still don't believe Daxma's stories of heroics and more and more I'm thinking you're just a new name of the same old Daxma back to try and get in good. =X

    I don't see why I should believe that you're not Daxma. >>;

    Sorry for the random VM, i felt compelled to comment on the name xD.
    Ohh. Daxma. Yeah, I remember him. He was acting like a jerk within the Inferno to one of my friends, seeming to kinda almost stalk her. It was rather creepy. I proceeded to tell him to knock it off, eventually calling him Adam (lots of people sign up with the "nobody" version of their real names), at which point he gave us a little diddy about how he wasn't Adam and his friend, Adam, had died tragically. I asked for clarification, feeling like an ass at this point, so he sent me a PM (which I have since deleted, unfortunately) detailing what happened.

    He went through this, honestly, insane story about the events surrounding Adam's death. To keep it short, he said that he held his friend in his arms as he passed on, though with peculiarly graphic circumstances which myself and several others dubbed to have about a 99% probability of being fabricated in an attempt to garner attention for himself. Myself and several others (mostly D Aros) were rather mean to him about it, though we never bullied him directly (only talked amongst ourselves) about his friend. He had a really obnoxious way of typing posts and often made very very non-intelligent posts, which we promptly tore into.

    Yah, I was a total ass, but with how he acted, he was always asking for it. We all eventually laid off him after realizing it was possible that his friend really did die and that we were being insensitive asses to him. None of us were really publicly/directly getting up on him about anything for a good while before he did the stupid shit that culminated in his bans. Yeah, he got banned for a month for one thing, came back and posted porn several days later, prompting a perma.

    Sorry for the long post. =X
    What was his username? >_> I could probably tell you why he was not so liking towards me. I tend to remember the people I dislike and act like an ass towards. =X
    What did you expect? You turn yourself in and then everything is all rainbows and unicorns? :<
    It's ok. Just laying it out for ya xD; I replied, though if you don't mind, especially since you need to touch up on it - to continue it here? Just spoiler tag :3
    Stop hijaking threads. Make your own. I don't know how things work in KHV, but they work differently here. You see a thread someone made, you reply to them. You have your own idea, you make a new thread.

    I'm with a pink name because I used to be a section moderator. I retired. Hence, pink user name.
    Pleased to meet you then. I'm Smile, formerly known as Rain, formerly known as SufferingAngel. Used to be the KH sections moderator until Days was released in Japan and I ran away screaming from the spoilers. Hence my lovely pink name.
    I have a knack for remembering useless details, theorize like hell, tear theories apart, and hate on Kairi as the worst character I've ever ran into.
    Should you like Kairi, let's never speak of her again and we'll get along fine.
    I was all over the KH sections. Nothing seemed overly impressive.

    ...I have a feeling we've met before. Were you on the kh3.net forums too, by any chance?
    I'm SufferingAngel there.
    On KHV I was Queen Bee.
    I've been to KHV for a while and I have to say I was severely unimpressed. The most intelligent thread I saw at the time was a debate on whether or not Atlantica Sora was a shark or a dolphin >_>;
    xD hoozah? Though I have to warn you, I've been at it for almost two years now :p
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