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Master Sora
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  • *Thinking inside his mind* (How is it that he still has the Keyblade, I have thrown myself back into the light....IT SHOULD BE ME!) *Smiles* C'mon Sora, let's go...
    Fine *Jumps and slashes enemy...Sora goes in for the final blow and at last the creature is dead* That's it...whew! That was a close one.
    Damn, I don't remember the heartless being this tough! IT IS TIMES LIKE THIS, I WISH ONE OF US STILL HAD THE KEYBLADE! *hears Sora mutter: "Anything is possible if you believe"* Wha-!? *Slashes the creature*
    Sora: Peter told me a long time ago that anything is possible if you believe!
    So! What does that mean!?
    *Sora holds out hand and a small glimmer of light appears, then grows bigger*
    KEYBLADE! How disturbingly convenient, but whatever works!
    Be careful, I'm not gunna be picking your dead body off the floor! *Jumps and attacks the creature* Sora! LOOK OUT! *The creature lashes out for Sora* *Gets behind the monster and attacks the back, but is to late, Sora was hit* *administers a hi-potion* YOUR GUNNA DIE YOU SON OF A BITCH!
    Sora! Don't be an idiot! That bitch may be too much for you! HE JUST CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD! *Gets up and draws sword* *Stands next to Sora* Let's show this pussy who he's messing with!
    Sora! * jumps in front of you* GET AWAY YOU MOTHERFUCKER! *attacks, but gets knocked back against a wall* Your going to regret that you son of a bitch!
    *Walks to the waterway and then swims over to the mural* Eh, how am I supposed to break in? Where the hell is Tifa when you need her...Maybe...*grabs his sword* *smashes through* Jackpot! We have enough gummi blocks here to build three ships! I gotta go tell Sora.
    But how do we get back without a gummi ship? Wait a second...remember how Cid hid a Navi-Gummi piece in the mural underground? Maybe he hid more pieces than just that...He must have a hidden stash somewhere...we could build one!
    I'm gunna go to the Second District see if whats up there. Hey, wait a minute...aren't Leon and Cid, Cloud and Aerith and everybody else in Hollow Bastion? How could we have forgotten? Weird, huh?
    Well, whatever. Hey, I think we're coming up on Traverse Town. Man, from the looks of it...it changed since we were last here. Can you believe it's been four years.
    You thought we were going to school, you doubted leaving, you almost missed the train when you were right in front of it, and you challenged me to a fight on a train...Yeah, your mature. You show that your mature by your actions not telling someone that you are, a truly mature person doesn't have to explain to anyone if their mature or even what makes them that way.
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