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    All Aboard the Chuchu Train!

    A fanclub for the veteran! The master! The rapper! The writer! The friend! THE CHUCHU! (Following banner made by the lovely BufferAndLoad) Welcome to the Chuman Fanclub! (representation) (representation) And remember everyone! After 3 days of friendship, you evolve into being Chuchu's...
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    I finally got a few KH sketches done. And I rescanned some earlier pictures with better quality. I'd really love to get better, so let me know any tips you have for me!
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    A Late Anniversary Thread (and an apology of sorts)

    So, my anniversary passed a few days or so ago. I've been gone for longer than I stayed, though, so it didn't feel right to me to make an anniversary thread, though, especially not to the caliber of my first one. But there's still a lot I wanna say. This is tougher for me to type than it...
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    KHI Avatar Edition!

    By Mega and BufferAndLoad! BufferandLoad when angry MegaWallflower When awkwardness occurs and Bufferandload tries to say something crazy gronodonthegreat When things are... once again... disasterrific Incognito when he sees we made yet another copycat thread Members begging...
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    "Consume the Darkness, Return to the Light."

    So, from the start, the series had a dichotomy set up between light and darkness. Light is good and pure and desirable, and what is darkness but hate and rage? As we moved forward, though, it became not so simple. Riku's character arc has been about his bought with the darkness. Falling to its...
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    Little Destiny Islands Trios

    Messy sketches I did. My computer won't connect to my scanner for some reason, so I had to just take a photo of these drawings, hence the bad quality. :frown:
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? I was thinking about how, since we've seen Neverland, it would be nice to get to see Pixie Hollow, although I don't know how the story would fit since those are apparently set before Tink meets Peter Pan. It'd be cute to see...
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    A question about Ven's heart

    This was probably addressed somewhere and I just forgot, but why did Ven's heart go to Sora's nobody when Sora's heart was released? Ven's heart had an affinity to Sora's heart, so why did it stick with the reformed body rather than the heart (in his heartless)? And did it not go back to Ven...
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    KHInsider Ham-Ham Edition!

    By Mega and BufferAndLoad! Mods with a thread starts getting off topic When things are... disasterrific Mods when news comes out a bunch of traffic is about to crash the forums Kitkat welcoming new members Professor Ven's slothes Incognito seeing that we copied his thing Getting...
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    How to Write a Story

    As someone with a lot of ideas who almost never gets around to fleshing them out, I was hoping to hear some opinions from others. What is the best way to start a story? That is to say, how should one plan a story? What should come first? The theme? The characters? The ending? The inciting...
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    Character Arcs and Character Establishment within KH1

    I'm not at all good at articulating my points, but I'll do my best... I mostly wanted to address it since some people say there's nothing or little to Sora and (more frequently) Kairi and since I rewatched a playthrough of KH1 recently, I wanted to talk about it. Sorry if it comes out sounding...
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    💐🌹Kairi💕Selphie Fanclub🌹💐

    ❀SelKai❀ Hey, do you feel like going out to the island? Celebrating the love between these two island girls! Why SelKai? ❀ During CoM's ending, Selphie was the only one of her trio who stopped and went over to Kairi when she was staring out to the sea. ❀ It's implied that Kairi spent that...
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    My Junior Prom is coming up ;v;

    How does one go about asking a boy to be her escort? I have no experience when it comes to these kinds of things! How have you guys successfully asked someone out before? What should I definitely not do? Any tips?
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    Since it's the last day to nominate for KH Academy Awards

    I thought I would post a few pictures of myself to let you know who should win hottest KHInsider male uvu That is all ^^/