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  • it's always hot and humid here, and the traffic is bad in the city but other places are fine. The one thing that I really like in here are the shopping malls, they're freaking huge! and there are more than 10 malls in Metro Manila and the prices are not that high.

    How's life over there? I've never been outside of San Diego.... It snows in your place?
    whoa the Philippines, whats it like over there?

    I just live in a boring little town near Chicago...*sigh* :(
    just woke up? wow, I'm tired right now, I don't even know why...yes this place is addicting, I recently came back to the website, I left a while back, but now I remembered how fun it was...XD
    ...not sure, now tht u mention it lol. tho i do like the name neo which is taken so maybe, neoscyth,neodexja or um chu cos i like pikachu lol. yes i knw im sad =D oh!! or maybe..neochu!!

    ...actually u'v got me thinking now XD

    anyways, i bring u offerings of chocolate dohnut =) *chucks choco dohnut to you*
    ^_^ thts ok.

    and surprisingly no im not lol. i just thought we had to have kh names (id never been on a forum before) so thought oh well ill just be called kairi. =D .......stuck with it now til i reach premium. *pouts*
    kewl. and im gd thanks ^_^
    i can understand how addicted u must be, i am myself lol.
    .....i see u'v posted a message to urslef lol. =D
    Hello! ^___^

    still in the process of getting the hang of the forums, but i'm fine otherwise.

    and i'm starting to get addicted to this place, hehehe...

    how bout' you?
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