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  • *shrugs* I dont really know latin that well. I just did a translation for arm (weapon) and put an 's' on the end. lol.

    "The Devil's Arms..."

    and about 6 foot 2, at a guess.
    So, tall, smart and usually tired... Sounds a lot like me... How tall?

    Hm... D2, Diablo Ornamentums....

    If Ornamentums is supposed to be plural and it's Latin, the Ornamentae would be more correct.
    But it's your story, so the choice is yours.

    I just began seriously reading Destati, but immediately after posting, some guy posted that the thread was supposedly being closed...? Was it?! I apologize if I wasn't supposed to post there. Just though I should check before attempting to make any other posts in Destati...

    An announcement. (sorry for double posting, but its my profile, so there. lol)

    Kingdom Hearts: Destati (The fanfic i have been working on for any who dont know) is completed. anyone who wishes for a copy of it need only PM me with an email address i can send it too.

    just thought i would announce this.
    yes it is. and it finally allowed me to add yourself, Sirnight, and Bla... er, Zero Inferno. I had to sign in and out once for each person to be added and then unblocked. it was quite annoying.

    but yes, now it is working.
    I have added you to my MSN contacts, Merlin, using the account you have listed.
    man, that was a good movie. and trust me, I have nigh unlimited patience, and I've had near 14 years of practice (I have a little brother).
    Do I smell a challenge? Wait till you get on MSN and I guarentee you'll join Cinollex and Kurix in the I hate MoS society.
    She has her ways. For instance:

    Nicolle says:
    Tina says:
    Nicolle says:
    Tina says:

    Good luck. XD
    lol, i've had it happen many times to me, MoS. dont worry about it.

    and MoS, it takes A LOT to visibly annoy me. trust me on this one, it isnt easy.
    Yes, it pleases me greatly.

    lol, i almost forgot about that. Yes, I'll give it to you, Blaze, and Sirnight once it is fixed.

    only fair to warn you, I may bombard their bombardments to you as well, just to get you involved. lol
    Greetings Merlin. *gestures to own profile* Does the new background please you? XD

    I would like your username also, when it is suitable to obtain it, seeing as you are one of the Godmodders now. *bows*

    Prepare to have Jezza bombard you with plans, Joe bombarding in unison, whilst I sit quietly, humming to myself. lol
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