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  • I'm pretty cure it's on channel 2 for me... I'm west coast so I'm not sure what channel changes you have... I think 2 is ABC but I'm not completely sure lol.
    It is pretty cool, and it's a police show not a murder show always, sometimes it's just plain old Cops and Robbers.
    That's how I usually am but this show says it in terms that anyone can understand but still could complex unless you are actually p
    Lol probably but it still makes you feel good when the others people can't figure it out and your sitting there going "Oh I get it!" lol, it's lots of fun.
    I've never seen the second two but NUMB3RS makes me feel smart lol, the main guy is a mathematician and will explain what's happening using a mathematical equation and I'm not good at math but I always understand him anyways which is fun lol.
    Lol I've been meaning to try them out but at the moment with all the shows I watch I don't have to much of an interest in watching those either, I also watch Bones and NUMB3RS.
    Yeah, my mom lost interest in many seasons of Law and Order and CSI, she said that some of the characters weren't any good. Also what really sucks is when they don't expect people to be watching both so they recycle the plot lines, she said that they did that on every season of Law and Order, the exact same episode with different names and different people.
    Hopefully this show rocks and isn't some terrible knock-off that will disgrace NCIS both real and fictional...
    It has a full cast list on Wikipedia, that's where I found it, it has some info about it but at least you could get the cast names and then IMDB them.
    It's a good season finale as far as season finales go! I was like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE AREN'T ANYMORE RECORDED!!!" lol.

    Yeah I just read the Wikipedia page and it is introduced the exact same way, it actually is the same characters from the Legends episode which I find interesting, I'm going to try it out when it comes out for sure.
    Lol that must have been hilarious! I would have freaked and have run around the house shouting about it XD

    Well you need to watch them because I freaked and so will you I just know it, any fan of the show would freak O_O

    They're what? What they didn't have enough off shows with CSI and Law and Order?
    Oh that's so cool! I want to see that episode!

    O_O OMG FIND IT ON YOUTUBE LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!! It was my first season finale and my jaw hit the floor!!!!! You have to see it like soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lol I don't think I've seen that one yet! I started in the later seasons, my mom watched everything from the beginning except for the first season I think, I want to watch all of them though.

    Oh so you saw the last season finale?
    Ziva does kick butt! Are you watching the show as it airs of the DVD's as they come out? Lol yeah I noticed that too! And Gibbs seems to be like psychic or something, he always pops up whenever he is about to be called and always brings Abby a Caf-Pow even though she hasn't even told him she found something lol!
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