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  • Heh, that's like what Demetri Martin once said: A good way to end a conversation is to announce what you're going to do next (e.g. I'm going to go get some chips)

    But yeah, that's what I'm hoping will happen to me. I imagine AI will probably be a good opportunity to do so, since I think there will be a fair amount of collaboration in projects there. That and, while I've learned I can't rely on others, I'm still hoping that a new group of friends will kinda help me break out of my shell.
    It's good you two managed to sort that out so quickly. God knows how many couples bicker over the smallest things for a ridiculous amount of time.

    Yeah, that's possible. People can change some over time, though I'm kinda hoping I'll be over those old crushes by then and find someone better. I mean, I already am over them, but I don't really need them to resurface. After a while, I just kinda convinced myself it would be best to not be with those people for various reasons.

    I kinda like meeting new people too, but I've just never been good to keep a conversation alive with new people. Hell, I'm lucky to even be able to start one myself. Actually, I have that same problem with some of the friends I've had for years. I function best in a group, being that guy who laughs at others' jokes and occasionally throw something in to the conversation. I'm really not sure why this is, but I do need to get over it sometime.
    Well, not really a desert, but yeah, it's kinda dull here. Towards Austin is more populated with more to do, so I'm sure it's more fun there.

    Drama can travel pretty easily anywhere. In a small town, it doesn't have very far to go before it's everywhere, and a bigger place has more people to spread it. For the most part, I stayed out of high school drama since I never really put myself out there and in the way of it. I just sat back and watched most of it from afar and, as twisted as it may sound, I enjoyed it. I all kinda made me feel better about myself and my position in everything. I guess it was a bit of a reminder saying "hey bro, shit happens to other people too" and that other people can be just as messed up.

    Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to that. I'm not the type of guy to go out and just date random girls to pass the time. Ideally, when I look for someone, I want to find the right one right away. However, I realize I'll probably have to go through some shitty relationships before I find the one that sticks. As for being myself, that won't be a problem at all; not only am I not creative enough to make up another me, but it would just take way too much effort to keep a charade like that going.

    Heh, yeah, that turned out pretty well for you. Can't really say I'm one for party going or making out with strangers myself, though the thought would certainly cross my mind if there was a cute girl involved. The thing about that whole friend thing though is that at least half of the friends I talked to at school, possibly more, were girls, many of which I've known for years. I think that, in most cases anyway, if you spend too much time as just a friend, that's probably about as far as things will go. Though, now that we've all graduated high school and are all going away, that leaves me with practically nothing but new people to start fresh with, so that should possibly give me a chance to make something happen before I get caught in that dreadful Friend Zone.
    Sounds like a lot of fun. I've never had a girlfriend myself, so I'm looking forward to college to help change that too.

    Personally, I would probably go to a more typical college if anything else interested me. I'm going to AI because they seem to have a pretty awesome Media Arts and Animation program. Honestly, my artistic talent is horribly lacking, but I've been wanting to work in the game industry for as long as I can remember and I can't really see myself doing a whole lot else. Hopefully the school and my peers there will manage to influence my potential in that field or something. If not, I'm pretty boned.

    I totally understand the small town part. I've lived in one my whole life and it's right square in bum fucked Egypt, with nothing terrible interesting for miles. I'm thinking I'll end up moving towards Austin later on, though that won't likely be for a few years, probably after college.

    As for this site helping you, I get that too. It's pretty much the same here. It's definitely shaped who I am now, probably just as much, if not more, than my experiences at school. Whether or not that's a good thing, I'm not quite sure. While I'm not some creative mind when it comes to writing (or anything else for that matter) I do have good grammar and often tell when people make mistakes. KHI, and the internet in general really, has helped with that almost as much as my English teacher Mrs. Petty has, and she is a great teacher. I'm pretty sure I can thank KHI for my sarcastic, occasionally witty personality as well, though I doubt it was the only influence. While I probably would have turned out mostly the same, this place has definitely helped me become what I am. Now I just need to take all the experience I've gained here outside and do something useful with it all...
    Oh wow, congrats dude. If I may say, she's very cute from what I saw of those MySpace pictures you linked. Quite a lucky guy you are.

    Anyway, I'm doing alright. I finally graduated high school about two and a half weeks ago and am working in Austin at the office my mom works at and I'll be attending the Art Institute of Austin in July. I'll still be working then, but I'll only need to take off half a day on Wednesday if my boss says it's OK for me to, which she said it should be. I'm pretty excited about it; I'm really hoping this will be a good opportunity for me to meet new people and become more outgoing since I don't have much of a social life outside of my computer :v
    Oh wow, has it been that long? That paper turned out really well. I got a 95 or 98, but since that was about the same for the rest of the class, some of which who became friends with the ctrl+v function on their computer very quickly around that time. Still, it turned out to be a pretty fun assignment. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    So, how have things been with you?
    Yeah, that's typically how I am with work. I gotta say though, this paper has actually been kinda fun to do. It's just nice to have a topic I can actually enjoy for once, rather than have some shitty prompt trust upon me.
    Well, the latest in I can turn it is is Saturday via email, which is my only option now anyway. Thankfully, I now have four pages written and I still have a fair bit of Weathermen history to work with. With tonight and all of tomorrow at my disposal, I'm feeling pretty good about this right now.
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