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    The names KBL and terraven cloud is right you should listen to him:cool:
    And if you need any help im here for ya.:lol:
    hey nanix. I read your post about quitting on theories. That's not the right thing to do. I know exactly how u feel. the first time I went on a forum, I was put down a lot just like u 2 the point of almost quitting but a couple people encouraged me not to quit and that those were advice, not put downs and that they're confused easily. Anyway, the point is, everyone falls down a few times, but it's ok. getting up is what's important. so if making theories is something u like 2 do than do it anddo your best!
    Here. >LINK<

    Click the link. I took a screenshot, and pointed the "New Thread" -button. :3
    You asked how to post... Well, you did that when you asked for help.
    If you meant how to create a thread, it's easy: When you enter a forum, where the threads are listed, there's a button in the upper left corner saying "Create New Thread" or something like that.

    Hope this helped. :3
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