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  • It's nearly impossible for me to keep up with everything... I've been so busy that I've had no time at all to come on here, haha. How have you been? Still around?
    Neko did you see the trailer ofr KH3???
    oh please im waayyyyy more than late -___-

    its more of a little girls anime but its still really good to watch because of a few "certain things"
    Neko-chan! What do you think of dis? .3.

    She has a new song called Forever staying young. Kinda catchy I guess.
    There's been no KH news or anything. It's like the living dead around here.
    I know the feeling. No worries.
    Uh, not much. Just studying and ect... Other than hanging with friends I've just been reading/watching Anime and Manga.
    Not sure I asked this before or not but "Keep Holding On" is the lyric from a song right?
    Hows it going Neko? Long time no type =) Last I heard you were sick right?
    It was really great taking some time off, so I can go freshly to work again tomorrow.
    Nonetheless one should be mindful of their audience/listeners, lol.
    I surely did, I could also finally play some games again. ^__^

    True, all planning doesn't help if someting unexpected happens or comes from other sources you cannot calculate with, but even then it is necessary to not put pressure on yourself, that invites making errors out of haste.

    Ah, great. Today comes already the next chapter. Thank you, and well, the Aqua vs. Sephiroth and Vanitas vs. Terra battles basically show two completely opposite types of battles where the opponents also go in with a radically different mindset, so it surely depends partly also on taste. :)
    And? What do you make of Xehanort? *ggg*
    So far it does. ^__^
    Well, you see, if you have worked on that thing that intensely even with working overtime more than once and now got a break from it the prospect of talking about it again is indeed not that thrilling. *ggg*.
    Ooops, sorry, I tend to use techno-babble very loosely since I'm used to it from work.
    I should also use that free week to its uttermost efficiency, yeah.

    I had that in the past as well, but nowadays I simply refuse to get into too much stress by going at things with more planning. It works not always, but somewhere between 7 to 8 out of 10 cases.

    Happy reading. The coming weekend will already hold the next new chapter, lol.
    I can't afford such long periods during the week, so I try to compensate with several shorter visits.
    That's true, but I am not really that knowledgeable nor that enthusiatic about what that program does from a user-viewpoint. I know more about the structure of the database and the GUI used to run that program.
    That reminds me, I also have at least three books I still wanted to read...agh.

    That sounds better. ^__^

    I dare assume you'll enjoy it. :D
    The current chapters definitely explain that one. ^__^

    So true...<__<
    I may be on here more often, but it is nothing more than one to two hours a day when I have work though. ;)
    Yeah, it's quite fun to design and help develop those things, but to use them or have them as the topic of a conversation is rather boring I admit.
    Heh, I still have a list of FanFics of other authors I want to read but I cannot get enough calm time to actually immerse myself enough to start reading them.

    Not good. :(

    Seems so, although you have then quite some twists and surprises before you, also regarding the weird darkness that seeped from Riku's arm earlier.

    Jeez...sometimes I wish my predictions wouldn't be that accurate...<__<
    Ah, I see, well, for me only two or three days without going here is normal sometimes. Entire weeks is rather rare.
    I can tell it is a management software for a big TV station around here, our third big customer, lol.
    It's really somewhat annoying though, lol, so much time is already preplanned for use and the own stuff you wanted to do is piling up.

    Yep, although the former can lead to the latter if there's too much of it for a longer period.

    That would be the part where he and Terra exchange insults I assume, chapter 32 and early 33. We're at 36 right now. ^__^

    So that means your on-time will decrease again I assume? *ggg*
    What a coincidence, I had to pause almost an entire week due to a very important new project at work which required all my attention. *ggg*
    Busy is my second name this year it seems...

    That's good to hear. If you're busy it's a relief when at least health-wise all is right. ^__^

    For the story I have now resorted to keep the two-week release schedule no matter what, also because Zero Dozer and Roxas1563 are two very enthusiastic readers. :D
    I don't know which chapter was the last one you read? Have you already experienced the fight Terra vs Vanitas? The latest chapter finally also introduced Xehanort to the story.

    Health-wise everything is fine here as well and I finally got a week off for vacation. ^___^
    Hey, Hi there, just saw ya online and that the VM from New Year's eve got totally drowned in others. >__>

    How have you been?
    Yeah lol. I really try to work around phrases that don't sound so normal in English.
    Ahh I see I hope things will go smoothly from there. I've been doing okay. Oh thanks lol. I'm getting a lot better with translating.
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