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  • Yeah, it is a huge money maker. At least you can do something when you finish. (English major here)

    You're welcome.

    Darkwing Duck. And Super Hero Squad and Phineas and Ferb for current ones. (I really should watch Clone Wars though)

    Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VI, Sly Cooper, Prince of Persia (2008), Bioshock (unfinished), NieR (never played, listened to the music ALOT though) ACE ATTORNEY, Professor Layton, The World Ends with You, Castlevania (only played the DS versions, just due to system/budget. I'll pick up the PS1 ones soon) , And others I can't remember.
    Really? Wow... I've heard of those schools but I hadn't heard of them all together like that.

    Why thank you. You are too.

    Don't worry, I love Cartoons, I just haven't watched Spongebob.
    I can imagine.

    Oh, okay... never heard of colleges like that.


    Maybe... that could work.... actually that does describe her fairly well.

    Well, a college kid. I... I just wish for her happiness.

    Oh, okay. (Doesn't watch)
    Well you never know until you try...

    Okay. Is this a college of some sort?

    Er, I don't give my location out, sorry.

    I'm glad you all took care of eachother. I'm not a yaoi fan, so that wouldn't be for me.

    I do too. She was also so... I don't want to say Cute but... you just really wanted to cuddle her all the time. But, yeah, she should be a kid now and then.

    No, it's probably not ready either. And is this the guy that hung out in the shop trying to learn English with her? He sounded sweet, but still...

    Tartar sauce?
    Well, do you have other schools in the area?

    I kind of wish I could go to a convention. How have they been for you?

    You have a meat class? really???

    Yep, I call her "Choc" or "Cho" She's sweet.

    I understand that, I do. I just wish I got an occasional update after everything that happened. I'm glad she's doing better, and I'm happy she's engaged... but isn't she a bit young?

    Yep! I lost a book in it though.
    Well that's good on your end. How is school going? How are your friends? What are your favorite classes?

    I heard about the DQ settlement, but I'm glad he's happy. (Is Edie "Cho"? I haven't talked to her in ages either... she said she was having internet issues though) And having kids would be fun! I love them!

    I'm doing much better. My roommate fell apart for a bit, but I kind of removed myself, I couldn't deal with all the post semi breakup vitrol (especially when they kept on breaking what they agreed on)
    Look who's being polite now???!!!

    That's right, I invaded your privacy. Consider me your personal stalker from now on. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
    Yes, it's nice to disgust you. You are funny. I HATE FUNNY PEOPLE!!!!

    I'm friending you. Just to keep my eyes on you. I'll be watching.

    Lol I'm not sure whether I'm using the correct emoticon.
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