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  • Heh, you're a simple guy. That's fine, talking to people that aren't so complicated is actually refreshing. No need to feel sorry for it.

    Yeah, at this point, that's probably the one thing even the most dissapointed of fans still want to know. I can say whatever it is though, I'm 95% certain it won't be as satisfying as I was initially anticipating.
    And you have every right to be worried. Trust me, we all have our fair share of worries and legitimate disappoints with this title already, and it's a real shame. The story's overall direction thus far isn't exactly the best route for the series to have gone in. Nomura tends to overly convolute things for sake of keeping things interesting rather than making a compelling, well structured narrative that organically builds on the characters and universe he has created. I will say though that Re: coded is actually my favorite installment in the series because (at least to me) it arguably has some of the best diolouge, character interactions, and well paced character growth of any entry in the series. It also tells a self contained story that furthers the lore of the world and answers some pretty big questions regarding some of it's more established elements, all while being completely removed from the whole "let's make Xehanort the driving force behind this franchise and alienate any other core aspects of the series that couldn't possibly make for interesting storytelling devices" logic that the writers seem to go by. It always saddens me to see writers create an amazing and unique world with charming and likable characters, only to give it a lackluster story to tell.

    Anyway, you still never told me what you were looking forward to about the game. :( Despite all the (likely justifiable) dissapointments, I'm sure there must be something that your still looking forward to. An aspect of the game that consistently mangages to impress you.
    Hey, thank you man! I hope the game turns out well for you too! Unfortunately, I'm no longer very hyped for the game at point. Mainly because many, MANY of the aspects shown of the game so far reeks of writing problems that I was praying for quite some time would be avoided in this entry. I won't go into all of my issues here if you don't want me too, but they primarily stem from how the game treats it's characters, and the writers ignoring the unique narrative potential they can convey with this series. I saw an excellent Tumblr post a while back that detailed and analyzed the future of the KH series, and one of it's best points was how it rationalized the perspective of the fandom, and how the majority view the writing. Basically, they said that the KH series, though it doesn't need FF in order to stand on it's own two feet, it does need some sort of gimmick to survey because the quality of the writing for the original story alone is simply not enough to keep enough fans coming back, or even stay long term. Whilst many of the characters are great, most fans wouldn't say the same thing about the story. They see a significant amount of potential for the story (it has an interesting universe and likable characters to work with), but the writers simply can't fully realize that potential at this point. I mentioned before what we've seen of KH3 so far is riddled with tropes and unnecessary plot revelations that I can confidently say already bog this game down for me unfortunately. I think my overall expections were somewhat reasonable, so I won't say I had super high expectations or anything either. Idk, I guess at this point I can only just hope that it manages to pleasently surprise me, but I won't hold my breath.

    On a more positive note though, what are you looking forward to in KH3? Although most of my own hopes probably won't happen, I'm still really looking forward to the expansive Disney worlds and listening to the official soundtrack. If there's one aspect of this series that never dissapoints, it's Yoko Shimomura.
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