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Reika Noko
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  • Not quite physically abused. Sure I was beat by drunk guys that my mom would go out with and have one try to kill me, but that's actually kinda normal, or was until I grew to the size that I scare the shit out of them. But it was mental and emotional abuse that I went through by my mom. Basically child neglect because she would lock me and this little girl that I was friends with at the time in a dark room with no bathroom or anything for damn well near twenty four hours if not more just so that she could have parties in her own house. Oh! And never swallow a whole bottle of 100 mg Geadon pills to try and kill yourself. You'll just got into a coma-like sleep.
    Truth be told, I did run away but one of the guys that I was with chickened out and bailed on us. Well we couldn't abandon our friend, even though he abandoned us, so we decided not to go through with it. And since being a run away is illegal in my state, we were sent to the county detention center where we stayed on night. And guess what, one of us got raped. Can you guess who? Me. But there are other people out there who have it way worse than I do.
    I'm surprised that I have survived this long. In truth I have gone a little insane because I have been admitted into a mental hospital two different times, once for attempting to commit suicide. But after that I started to get a little too deep into rp and started to pray to God that I could die and be reborn as one of my characters. And when that never worked, I simply turned to anime and manga more and started to spend even more time at friends' houses.
    Heh. As if. I don't even know my dad. The man that pays the child support is the father of two of my half-siblings. I'm only related to my siblings through our mom. Except for those two, we all have different dads. My mom was a slut and will admit to it.
    None of my family can work. My mom is disabled while all my sisters and brother are too young and no place will hire me because I have no experience. We survive off of food stamps and 100 dollars a week of child support for two kids to help support six of us.
    This kinda makes me wonder, though. Why is it that mine appeared automatically when I joined like two years ago.
    Hell no. I always know, just by intuition, that it's right under my nose yet I didn't jump at the chance that I knew was right. Then I feel like a total dumbass for not listening to myself every time it happens.
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