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    who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephiroth?

    Re: who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephir Yup Ive done it.
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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    I saw a commercial for it on Disney channel.
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    was kingdom hearts 2 a let down compaired to kingdom hearts?

    I loved KH2. But I dont think it was as good as the first one. It lacked something...I thought about it a month or so ago (really hard) and I think it was the (as cheesy as this sounds) magic and emotion. The first game had such a good plot too and KH2 had some useless use of worlds. The...
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    lol ive seen that before its weird
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    Who do you think would cuddle you more?

    riku and why are you guys being so mean?
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    What has kh2 given you in life?

    it taught me to always keep my friends in my heart
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    Reversed Sanctuary

    Does anybody have Sanctuary in wav format or have a reversed version of Sanctuary? I want to hear the backwards lyrics. Please and thank you =)
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    3 parts I might've missed in KH2

    no I don't think anyone ever saw them, they were deleted or changed by nomura
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    KH2 Jobs

    i guess fight heartless for money
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    Kairi Is How Much Old?

    i thought sora looked different. you'd be surprised how much girls can change in one year.
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    Secret message part 2!

    you might want to put spoiler in the title before someone starts getting mad
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    KH2 Final Mix?!?!?

    i think he said he wouldn't make one but ill still hope he does
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    Sanctuary Clue?

    yeah he is a very tricky person
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    Pick 3 KH2 people you would marry.

    1. riku 2. sora 3. roxas
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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    i thought a lot of parts were sad so ill put them in categories. a little sad when: -sora got on his knees to show how much he cared about kairi. - when ansem the wise died really sad when: -goofy got hit in the head -roxas said his summer vacation was over i cried when: -sora found riku and...