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  • I see. =] When did you first play kh?

    lol I can understand that, I hate for a story to go stagnant for to long. I used to stick to standard as well but now I tend to play every first file on the highest and it's that file I do all I can on.
    All other playthroughs I do for fun are standard. =3

    haha It isn't lame if you havent, was a bit more trouble than it's worth tbh. Well KH2FM had english audio so all I needed a guide for was ability lists and menu. ^_^

    Ugh now that would make me rage cause it keeping me from classes I pay for is wasting ma money. Dx
    haha I see. I'm amazed she lets you keep it that long, me and my cousins aren't as generous with one another. xD
    So your a standard mode player I take it. ^_^
    Yep at once point I used swap magic to play it. Swap magic was a disc that lets you bypass region lock. All you needed was to get the device that let you use the disk. For the PS2 slim for example I had to change the disc door for a modified one and boom, I was playing FM.

    Also this storm is making my internet come and go. I hate how it does that exactly when I have something to post. Dx
    lol It's been working wonders for me too! Even DA can't spam ads on me now, thank you~ 8D
    I managed to find a add on that blocks the vids that sneak through as well. =D

    haha You did not miss out on anything, the psp was a fail. With BBS coming out on ps3 the only reason to have a psp is lost anyway. That's great! I'm surprised you've never played KH2. Gonna try the critical mode for KH2? Let me tell you it is harsh. xD
    Seriously! =O I had no idea there was such a thing! ;u; Thank you. Those damn ads annoy the crap out of me with vids and wikis. Dx

    You never got to BBS!? Then you'll definitely love it when you get it! Aqua is my fave to play. =D
    What's ad blocker? =O

    Hopefully I can last till BBS. Then I know for a certain that will be what gets me. ;u; Aqua 4life! (I also enjoy Terra's story too)
    Me too, I had no idea what she was talking about. x'D

    So it's a new feature then. I think it's also dumb you can't get rid of ads unless your premium. =[

    Good you saw it. ;u; Everything about it gets me hype! Especially the fight scenes.
    haha That's alright, just means you got real life things to do. =D

    A friend of mine was wanting to know but she said she figured it out. I was asking you cause I didn't know what she meant by icons either. ^ ^'


    I do have a question of my own though. Is becoming a premium member really the only way to upload multiple images at once on DA?
    One at a time is a pain but I have no interest in paying them for that one service. =[
    Random but you seem like you've been on DA longer. In the menu bar on top, it only shows icons. How do I change it back to normal? Like words, not icons. Dx
    Amazing! =D Still love your Aqua one most but I also like Terra's. Vens is nice too. ^_^
    I wish I could do stuff like that. TuT

    lol All seems good to me. xD
    Also I like your new avie too! Is that a manga/novel image?
    =D Really? Bet they are just as amazing! Did you do the thing with the eyes on them as well?

    Do any of the other trios? =D
    lol That's fine.

    You made that!? =O Your skill is amazing! I love how the eyes stand out.
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