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  • Hanzo is still my best character but I wanna get good with Shisui. my top three in Storm 3 were Hanzo, Tobirama, and Kidkakashi
    GG today man. That one danzo match pissed me off lol and my forgetting how to use Chiyo. Also sorry for rushing out got work
    my lack of having played in 2 weeks notwithstanding.....next time we fight i see EdoKage I need to change around my strategy cause I played like poop XD
    well im uploading one match now ill upload the bullshit after. i can link you to my channel however
    bro.............watsup. Ive been uploading some UNS3 matches with my friends and i got one that literally wrecks my mind how Mizukage dodges my ultimates with Kidkakashi
    hey just so you know I have been having serious trouble connecting to GTA Online and that's why I haven't been accepting your invites. I will be trying to connect again tomorrow, cross your fingers!
    Please stop bypassing the 24 character limit by posting "_______" at the end of your posts. Thank you!
    just put the link inside
    Good point, but I don't see the point of diverting attention from the remixes, it could be an entirely new Versus.
    I know you posted this on the FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII, but since it'll sidetrack into KH3, I decided to talk here, so...

    Isn't it a bit too soon for Nomura to talk about KH3? I mean, we haven't gotten KH HD 1.5 and the probabilities of a 2.5 are likely, so I think it would be prudent to talk about it in an interview about a month after the release of 2.5, right?
    aw that sucks but i hope you do get back into pokemon. im always looking for friends to play with.
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