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  • The artist is Dan Luvisi. I know not specifically 'who' the subject is, though.
    MX could have easily been (and probably was) the one who created the Unbirths.

    Then if you know that, then you would know that if MX had to fight "countless heartless", he would be able to take them out easily.

    He had no need to.

    Even still, he wouldn't be able to stand up to someone as strong as MX.
    First, heartless did not exist during BBS, so he would not have to.
    Second, MX is far more powerful than Sora is.
    Third, MX's age does not seem to effect his power or fighting ability, as he still defeats VAT with ease.

    EDIT: Mickey was or just finishing being an apprentice to Yen Sid. Him being there would not have made any significant differences.
    Except MVAT wasn't in the secret ending, which is near the end of BBS. Could he show up later? Possibly. Could he be as strong as MX? Possibly. Could he already be dead when VAT approach MX and DS? Possibly. But from what we have seen thus far, VAT could not defeat MX.
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