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    Im'a back!

    Well to anyone who remembers me, after along while, I've come back. Here to stay for now :3
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    Help/Support ► Asthma help

    Sitting with your back straight up usually helps, and so does breathing in through your nose rather than forcing breath in through the mouth. Just keep yourself calm, and slow your breathing.
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    Happy Birthday Ta-Chan xD

    Heres a birthday thread for ya Ta-chan. Just making this thread for people to come and say Happy Birthday to you ^^ Once more, HAPPY BIRTHDAY XDD
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    358/2 days Australian release date changed? Plus Australian cost revealed

    MOst australian prices are equal to the american prices. Its just the conversion rate that makes it seem more expensive here
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    Xion's "placement"

    Re: Xion's gender Luna, I reccomend you place that In spoiler tags as your giving away parts of the game. [spoilers*] your spoiler here [/spoilers] take the star out
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    Help/Support ► Great, I Have Another Issue....Go Figure.

    Hey Candy. I would go with what Gil's already said. It sounds like you need to talk to him and make him understand that the way he's acting is making you feel annoyed at him. Some people only see things from their point of view til someone confronts them and tells them about it, so hopefully if...
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    The Awesome UsagiOkami Fanclub

    This is the New and Improved Fanclub for UsagiOkami (formerly Kerobaroes) All are welcome to Join us for Parties and Pancakes xDDD UsagiOkami(of course) Roxas001 (creater UltraVen Ringleader Man Roxasisamazing Nero alphones224 xx kairi xx Aqualight Zeagal Blufire Cef Freedom Keyblader110...
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    I agree there. You shouldve had all 1000 coming at you all at once. That wouldve made it a true 1000 heartless battle xD
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    Coded: Possible Wiiware game?

    I highly doubt itll be released on wiiware, unless they plan on releasing seperate chapters every few months, which will most likely be overpriced
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    Help/Support ► Help With An Irrational Fear

    Theres really not much that you can do for help with this fear... perhaps seek some guidance from someone you know who's had similar fears, or carry some bug spray. Either one seems to work. Seriously though, they are pretty creepy.
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    War of the Species: A Twilight RP

    War of The Species: Twilight One year has passed since Bellas turning and the birth of Renesmee. The story of the retreat of the Volturi in the meadow has spread through to the Vampires around the world, and knowing that a family could rise up against them, started to make their way towards...
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    War of the Species: A Twilight RP (OOC and Sign ups)

    War of the Species: A Twilight RP In the 18th Century, people where plagued by creatures more animal than man. Those creatures were the Vampires. They wreaked Havoc for humans, keeping to the shadows then taking their pray and killing them. What humans didn’t know of were the...
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    secret ansem reports

    Xehanort never returned to his original self. And Pinwheel, where did you get that logic? Even though his heartless and Nobody were defeated, it doesn't mean that his original self is revived.
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    Best Sora Form

    I like Limit forms xD
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    Is it worth it?

    Its worth it, but as stated earlier, its not transportable.... Thats the only setback.