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    KHII more light hearted???

    i agree, i thought the music in the first game had a major impact on the darkness of it. the second game was a little too cheery for me, i hope that birth by sleep has that darkness and mysteriousness that the first kingdom hearts had
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    How to lvl the Limit Form

    limit form looks soooo kool. cant wait 2 have t here
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    Lexaeus and Saix

    i think everyones made there point here
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    I Found This On Google (has Spoilers)

    yeah, ive definitly seen this before. weird...
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    Malificent and Pete ?????

    if they died, then they wouldnt have left it out of kh2. if they do end up dying, then u will probly get to kill them in kh3 or maybe even in kh2fm, u can see wat happens to them
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    KH2 Playarts Toys

    u ppl dont actually play with these things do u
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    Roxas and Sora

    Re: Roxas and Sra merging no. i definitely think tht they merged in twtnw
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    challenges for KH2

    ive already done that one with the kingdom key and no drives
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    Is there a HP Limit?

    im only on lvl 65, haha. but idk if theres a limit
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    This Is So Kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    does anyone here have kh fm?

    thats pretty kool. i wish i had fm. o well, maybe theyll make kh2fm for the us.
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    how long did it take for u to beat kingdom hearts 2

    it took me a week of almost nonstop play (probably same as everyone else)
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    KH:COM manga almost here..

    is it gonna be in english?
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    aussies kingdom hearts 2 comes out tommorrow

    Thats Great Aussie Dudes, Enjoy It!
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    More News on KHII Final Mix and Re Chain of Memories

    This Is So Kool! They Better Make It For America Or Else!