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Ruby Rose
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  • You're welcome. Sounds like you're having fun. I hope that the rp can help you out with your character. ^_^
    It's okay, I can understand that feeling. I only joined about a week ago myself. ^^;;

    How are you doing?
    I liked your post. Great job!
    Hi, how are you? I'm not being impatient (I don't have any right to be), but I just wanted to let you know Xun has some company.

    It's okay though, you can take your time replying. I just wanted to let you know since I think I saw you make a comment about how she was going to wind up being ignored. So, um, yeah, incoming company for you!
    hey Ruby listen there is something going on in the RP forum called the roleplayer interviews and I nominated you because if you got chosen it would make a great introduction for you into the forum so I'd thought I'd let you know
    Hey Ruby! :D Just wanted to let you know that I accepted Lady Winter ;w; Figured it would be easier to message you than post it on the OOC thread lol.
    Had to say hello. With a username like that I just couldn't resist. haha It's just so perfect. =D
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