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  • Sure, I can delete it for you. Best of luck rebooting it! =D Pretty cool to hear Haruhi Suzumiya gets a spin off with one of its characters. I imagine it's really popular in japan a lot.

    The opening is fantastic. Definitely cuter than the Haruhi Suzumiya opening.

    I haven't heard of GX or 5D's. I'll have to look those up later. :3
    Yeah, the battle system isn't the most appealing. I noticed in KH2.5 you can't switch your cap lock on any of the heartless and ect. Any particular reason why you're replaying KH1? [for nostalgic feelz or excitement for KH3? x3]
    What are anime do you watch on Funimation? I believe you there, since Brook is my favorite in the English dub. <3

    Never heard of the Nagato Yuki-chan anime. What's it about?
    Anime is nicer, since you can simply watch it without having to read along. I felt the same way, but that was more towards Ouran High School Host Club. lol.
    You don't feel like you're missing out on the new stuff that happens through the manga at all? Huh. I haven't heard the subs. To be honest, I don't even watch the anime. I've seen the movies Strong World and World Z.

    Nice of Funimation to release it early.
    Perhaps they've been dubbing it without announcing it, so it could come off as a surprise for fans of OP?

    Brook is the best in English. I've heard Franky in English for awhile, so I'm used to his voice. Do you read the manga at all?
    How far has One Piece been dubbed? Well, hopefully your internet problems get fixed soon. =D
    I'm alright. How about yourself? C: Nope, cause I haven't been into the Dragon Ball universe in a really long time. I can tell that you are and I hope it lives up to your hype for it!
    How is it going this morning?
    I'd like to see some OP characters get paired off. If only just to see the chaos that would erupt online. xD
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