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  • I'm not the only one! :D I was about to go on a rant about people who don't like dead memes but I gotta sleep. Ttyl man.
    I swear, just one day I discovered the meme and then BAM I see it everyday everywhere.
    It's good to express ur love for memes. It makes your power over 9000.
    Sorry I like dead memes. xD
    Oh no, not you too. Your avie is now apart of it.
    Chuman got to that point from mostly reading after me and Dark Prince, same with a lot of modern rappers that influenced him. I'm more into underground rap, and my style of writing takes a tone from them + the stuff Prince posts.

    I didn't say it before, but KHI is having a christmas contest and the Creative Writing section can participate in the Freestyle category, it has to be a christmas themed freestyle though. I was surprised we got a category, thats actually the most popular thread in that section lol.
    np man, i like to coach a lot of people that input in the thread, because I've been posting there for like 7 years and it's still active lol.
    Usually when I read your stuff in the freestyle thread, i kinda feel like you use spaces in place of where you'd place a comma instead. I don't know what style you prefer to write freestyles (Couplets, Quads, etc), it just looks a little more disorganized to read lol.

    I personally like using double/triple couplets to write, I even got another guy (who's afk from the thread due to a move recently) to adopt using double couplets and his stuff's pretty insane now.

    When I freestyle, normally I'm already shooting for some kind of theme in mind.
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