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  • Oh, you can't do that yet. :<
    I'm a Premium Member so I can. Once you reach 1,000 posts you can change it to whatever you want. You also qualiy for a name change, get an extra rep, can add more to youre ig and avvie, and can hold more PM.
    Lulz, how about: They're saying they love you, because they just want someone to love them back, and are resulting to saying it to randoms just to get that loves
    Mmmmmk... What I mean is, coming from a random person that doesn't know you, by them saying they love you (provided these are short not very good conversations) shows that they are trying to have someone love them backthe same way they are giving out, because they can't get it any other way
    Yes, I find that annoying also. You couldn't possibly love someone after only talking to them a couple of times, and by that point, you would hardly know them either. All it is, is a desperate plea for some feelings on the emotional level of love to come back to the person who has proclaimed it. Hmm... I feel "well-spoken" after that ^-^
    No problemo =3

    I'm Callum... or Bumblebee, or Endless Reason... or whichever of my usernames you want to call me by XD
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