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  • When i'm on the campaign trail we can go all over my state. Tennessee has alot of stuff. We have Dollywood which is one of the most popular theme parks in America. We have Nashville which is the home of country music. We have memphis where Elvis is from and where is house is at.

    Tennessee is where BBQ became famous. Southern BBQ taste so good.

    Plus Tennessee is only about 8 hours away from the capital of America, Washington D.C.

    Tennessee is also a popular state for cars and we have Oakridge lab where they store alot of the Nuclear material that is used to defend the country in case a nuclear attack was to happen.

    You would like it here and you have to taste a Grainger County tomato. They are the best tomatos you will ever eat.

    If I run for presiden we can go all across the nation and across the world.

    If you run for public office here we could work together side by side. It would be so wonderful
    I have to go now. Have to be to the dentist in 30 minutes.

    I'll go ahead and tell you I want to run for public office. I like politics. See ya later
    Okay, will do.

    I have to start school monday. Luckily I got all the easy classes this year so i'm not too worried.

    What are your career goals?
    Sure. I'd love to see new pics of you.

    Should have the new pics by tomorrow morning. what's your e-mail? I'll send them to your e-mail tonight.
    I have to go to the dentist today. I hope I don't have any cavities. I hate going to the dentist.

    Oh I have new pics of me in the hospital with my baby cousin. I'll try to get them to you soon.
    Yeah, I took cooking class this year. I have to cook something atleast once a month and present it to the teacher. The rest of the time we study about food from all over the world. Maybe we will study about a Finland dish. :)
    Well if I have my time zones right, you start school tomorrow. So I just wanted to wish you luck and have a good day. :)
    Last year? But you're only 15.

    Here we have to wait till we are 18 to go to college. We have 8 years of elementary school/middle school then we have 4 years of highschool.

    What's it like in Finland as far as schooling goes?
    I'm okay. Got in an argument with my other older sister and grandmother over a cat. We fixed the cat so it would'nt have kittens and the vet said keep it away from another male cat. So my older sister was trying to keep it at my grandmother's house with a boy cat and we had to sneak in to get it the cat out and take it to my mom's house so it's wound could heal.

    My older sister got mad and my grandmother sided with her. Not only that but I have never been a big fan of my older sister really. She's kinda crazy.

    I love my sister who was killed and my little sister alot though.

    So what's up with you
    It's only because of you. You make me feel like i'm wanted. You make me feel like i'm somebody. I can't wait to meet you someday so I can show you how special you are to me.
    I know. I'm becoming a politician so I can take you all over the world and stuff. I want to make you happy.
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