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  • Funny. That was my first DS game I played on the real DS XD I sucked not as bad as I thought I would.
    Well, at least it seems like we won't have to wait too long. Assumed date of release being this summer and all.
    I have to wonder now, if he didn't like, run into Xion, figured things out from her looks and the Keyblade, and that's why he went back to Diz and Namine D: I'm really looking forward to Days more and more ever since I finished Re:CoM.
    Mickey is a lying rat </3

    Here's to hoping Days will explain KH2 Riku more. I watched the RR credits and it shows nicely how he went away with Mickey, only to come back to DiZ and Namine - alone, and blindfolded (that sounded so dirty).
    I wonder what happened to him D:
    >< Nojima. I just finished Re:CoM's Riku's side T_T it was too touching. I almost ended up liking Mickey.
    it passed by morning though.
    Meh. At least Roxas'll give me Sora gameplay, so I'll have that to fall on.
    Iono. I never cared too much for him in particular. I prefer his bitchy, snappy side, but not only did we not get to see enough of that in KH2, now it seems like he's a border line Gary-Stue in the Days trailers, I donno how else to put it.
    Iono. I'd sooner write just AX instead of RAX, since I don't like Roxas too much lately XD
    It was supposed to be bitter sweet. It's ridiculous that someone won't know the time, and Riku's reacting appropriately, but the reason behind it is kind of tragic, I think :v

    And yes. I love RAX ;; want more of them.
    Sea Salt sounds nice either way. I like that expression.

    xD; it's ok. Read them as many times as you like :"3
    Glad you're enjoying them :"3
    I'd suggest reading Sea Salt Breeze first, and then Would You Look at the Time, since that one's more serious.
    Or reverse, if you'd like to finish with something light o.o;
    Figured you'd be interested to know that I've an almost written SoRiku fic in my notebook. Shouldn't be too long before I wrap it up :"3
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