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  • It failed. I'm leaving. It was nice knowing you. If you want, you can find me other places.
    Lol sorry about that XD I felt the old one was becoming a bit repetitive.

    Lol really? my psp batery lasts about 6-8, you might wannaa just rpelace it if you frequently game, or just buy a new one and literally put it on the charger until the orange light goes out and don't touch it. It sets the battery memory for max capacity.
    OMG! Sorry for being so late. I have an idea, but it might not work.
    I was actually thinking about this place.
    Pretty goodif you let it charge up over night, well i did anyway, the instruction manual says let it fully charge first then play, so far it's outlasted my previous time on a ds and ds lite, but I haven't had any internet time yet. And it easily outlasts a 6 month old psp.
    So far my theory is it's lelouch's ancestor, maybe even on marianne's side. The again maybe just lelouch's forefather.

    The 3DS is cool, has some pretty fun apps and other nteresting features, lately I've been playing some ds games, but when I get the money I'll upgrade to zelda 3d and a few others. For nw I'm waiting for the release of partapon 3 and final fantasy IV the complete collection, especially since I'll be getting a really cool outfit for Cecil lol.
    Yeah he's like an wesome aquaintence and a friends dad XD. Ialready have it inline this sunday I'll own a 3ds and I'
    ll probably have a nintendogs + cats copy... or a copy of final fantasy IV... again XD.

    Yeah i did now I'm curious as to what his talk of the artwork being an original referring to like is Carla the princess or just a really well made copy or clone. Or something else, but I'd call the painting foreshadowing, and the japanese pricess looking girl who was naked then toplesss fighting was uh.... very interesting XD. I Like renya... but I just wish it would be released more frequently.
    I'm getting more original ds games lol right now I have lunar knights (I'll never get rid of it) and megaman zero collection. and it will be a black 3ds, fortunately since they're almost soldout, I have a friend who held one for me o I'm in total luck.Apparently the tsunami ruined a huge portion of their predicted elease ad destroyed some warehouses and that cut down the already limited planned release amount to an even smaller numbers of copies, and it was only planned to have only a few million eleased in america then never sold again anyway.
    I'm also upgrading to a 3ds this weekend I can't waity especially since I bought a few ds games while the ones I wanted were in game stop.
    yeah I know right. The annoying part is umd is becoming harder to find with the go out. BUt I'll need that link then lol I need more renya XD has there been one since december?
    lol the annoying part... my psp screen broke, apparently, the appartment got really cold while we left for an outing with two windows open and that cracked the screen... it sucked. Lol thats psp number 2. one more and I might give up.
    You can do that. I guess that'll help. I do wonder why G-mail won't pick it up. Hmm...
    no what news? I'm going to buy coded next friday.
    second cversion already? wow I'm more behind than I thought in the niontendo district XD.
    I'm hoping about the same, except that'd mean I'd have to upgrade, and I don't feel like spending 120-200 on a ds at this point when I don't even have one XD.
    BUt I'm really hoping for kh news. Ugh trying to beat vanitas's sentiment as terra and aqua is really hard, lol for ven I just spammed tornado and he dropped like a box of rocks.

    really though I'm just working and biding my time, waiting for the release of some awesome titles for the psp, I might go get a ds for sake of a few favorite ds titles that are in my head XD.
    lol I am as well, I hope some day kojima continues the boktai line again.
    In other news I'm back into my monster hunter groove and preparing for MH Portable 3 english release and patapon 3's english release, as well as the long overdue release of god eater in english.
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