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  • Indeed. ^_^

    It's okay. Take all the time you need. :cool: Hm, maybe you've been hacked or there's an ongoing problem with your ISP at the moment? Try making some phone calls that usually works.
    Ahh I see. n_n Your sister is pretty good with names. :smile: So umm, I'd prefer a common household breed. Nothing exotic or anything. Just a simple feline that I know I can take care of easily. (^_^)

    Nice~ I also have a PS3, PS4 too (but you already knew that) and some other gaming systems as well. :cool:
    Apologies for the delay. I was very busy of late and only signed in for a few minutes on April 9 to see if there's any messages left on my profile page but I'm here now to continue our convo. ^_^ Oh it wouldn't bother me at all. I kinda like mischief. lol I'd be extremely ecstatic to own a cat like yours though #NOREGRETS. And whoever thought up the name "Jerry" (in your family) is a genius. Job well done! :biggrin:

    Great! We think exactly alike and share the same interests. I feel a board buddy bond is growing between us. :) By the way, what video game console do you own? I've been meaning to ask you this for quite awhile now. :smile:
    That's alright. Some other time then. :)

    Hehe wow your cat is quite a handful there and manipulative too. :eek: Be sure to give him a well balanced diet for me, okay? And don't overfed the little kitty or he'll vomit again. ^.^ Say... What's his name? Sorry for being nosy. >_<

    There's only two words to describe Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: SUPER ADDICTIVE! \(^_^)/ So yeah... Why did you stop at Cell Saga? I must know! :D
    The pleasure is all mine, friend. :biggrin: Just started playing Andromeda again, and I could always show it to you on PSN if you want instead of waiting? It's much easier that way~ We can even play multiplayer sometimes. Feel free to add me anytime! I won't mind. ^^

    That's good news! I'm so relieved. :D I was beginning to worry there for a second. *Phew* Thank you for sharing me your cat's life story! I still feel bad for the little guy though. :frown: Nope, but I would like to own a cat someday. I love cats. <3

    Yep! Mostly DBXV2 content. The flu is no more and I'm back at 100% :cool:

    P.S: I can't think straight at times. Sorry for the messy response. ^_^;
    Oh very nice~ Kara is a real beauty, you know. I like her! :D Good job for creating an awesome female Ryder. :3 I will show you mine once my PC starts working again. Right now, I am only using some other device to access this site. ^.^

    Umm... I guess not. ME1 did have butt ugly Shepard(s) to begin with. :(

    I hope one of your cats is feeling all right? I'm getting kinda worried. :frown: How many pets do you own? Maybe you should take them all to go see a vet for a checkup. It could be serious. And I'm okay. :smile: Just thinking about what to upload next on my smallest YouTube channel. -_-
    Agreed. I'm not perfect either but I still think you are someone really special with unique personality traits despite the imperfections. (^.^) I appreciate the warm compliment though. :3 Your kind words soothes my heart and soul~ n_n

    Thanks!!! I can't wait to see her. So incredibly stoked! :biggrin: I can only imagine. Kara Ryder must look quite a beaut. ;) Tell me about it. My first time customizing Commander Shepard came out looking like a total dyke. I had to recreate her and made her more feminine. :cool:

    How are you today? ^^
    Yep! I certainly hope you're more than "kind and sweet* though. *Giggles* ^~^ A little. Just a slight fever bothering me atm, but improving steadily! Don't worry. Pretty soon I'll be back 100% tip top shape in no time. :D

    You're a completionist? Wow. I'm impressed. :wink: I don't think I have the energy to unlock every trophy in the game. You my friend deserve a round of applause. *claps cheerfully* Honestly, it has been so long I can't seem to remember anything from where I last left off. Bummer actually... Thanks for the heads up anyway! Appreciate it! \(^.^)/

    Thanks again and you are welcome! I also thought it was cute too~ Kara's a really cool~ name by the way. I'd love to see what your Ryder looks like. Please share me her screenshot. I won't mind if you decide not to. :)

    Oh yeah. Here are the upcoming patch notes for Mass Effect Andromeda: Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.05 Notes
    There won't be any game breaking glitches after this badass update. Yes!
    Whoops! I forgot to say good luck on your first play through~ I'm rooting for you friend. :biggrin:
    Oh you're such a kind and sweet individual. Thanks for caring, SnowBunny! \(^_^)/

    Ditto. *Thumbs up* I love DA and its sequels. Inquisition was okay, I just didn't manage to complete it because of new games being released at the time. Sadly. I may give DA: Inquisition a go again in the near future. We'll see...

    Anyway, I'll be playing as a custom Female Ryder. What's your Ryders' name? I'm curious. Mine is Miku, and she's asian. lol
    Goody! Glad to hear it~ :D Well, I'm feeling under the weather unfortunately..but it's nothing I can't handle. A little flu won't keep me down! Plenty of rest and warm food will probably do the trick. Hopefully. ^.^;

    Oh yes, definitely. BIG fan of the franchise since the original game came out. The trilogy was super fun! ^^ Have you finished playing Andromeda yet? I haven't gotten around playing the game 'cause of the cold and too busy with something else. :(
    Hey friend! Thanks for accepting me. ;) How are you liking KHInsider so far?

    Just thought I leave a first VM on your profile page. ^_^
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