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  • Well, there's the magic of the internet: it gives those of us who have no filters an ability to look over and evaluate their thoughts before putting them out there. Especially when you're dealing with someone who wields a banhammer, you gotta watch yourself. Or just avoid posting on mods' message boards.
    Hm. Can't say that I'm too surprised. Might have been an overreaction, might have not, I don't know the full situation. But whenever anyone has gone and annoyed a powerful entity in any setting, fictional or not, bad things tend to happen to that guy. Even if the retribution is disproportionate.
    You know my strategy? Lie low and stay unremarkable. Just act like a normal guy and stick to the threads. So far, no one's given me a major infraction over that.
    Uhm.. you're barking up the wrong tree if you want to indulge in anti-BulbaForum sentiment. I personally haven't had any problems with the place. :/
    Don't say that out loud over there. The mods carry the banhammer whether you respect em or not. D:
    Huh... okay. I haven't heard anything about this, so I didn't know. Sorry about that... What was it that they said you were doing?
    Huh, neat. I got hooked in middle school too, at the end of 7th grade. There was so much that my friend and I didn't understand about the franchise back then because we started with Re:Coded. I've come a long way.
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