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  • It's up to you. Generally, I don't don't bother commenting on posts with content that has already been brought up and discussed, unless there's more to add, otherwise conversations tend to just go around and around in circles (which can lead to the thread being locked).

    As for SH, it can be a complicated series. A lot of things have been left ambiguous, or one has to look really carefully for answers, and sometimes look well and truly outside of the series (such as into different religions, the occult, and cult movies, books, etc). Some fans have even hacked the games to find more info.
    It's not that we don't agree, it's just there's more room for personal interpretation. Generally most fans on the SH forum I visit are pretty good, but sometimes some threads tend to get stuck in circles where people heatedly discusses the same thing they discussed a few months prior, right down to the exact same points and counter-arguments they used last time. XD The fandom is apparently well know for being anal, but isn't every fandom? ;)

    Don't worry about taking so long to reply. I've been busy, so haven't really been here much, so I haven't had that much of a look around.
    I wasn't even aware you had replied. Sorry!

    Is there a way I could avoid that view, then? I really don't want to seem spiteful or petty. I debated with no bad intentions whatsoever...

    ^^ Oh, so over there there's a lot to argue over and most don't agree? Is it a complicated series?

    Considering how long it took me to get back to you, you probably took a better look around by now~
    There's no need to stop. I'm just saying what it looks like from an outside observer.

    Also, I'm pretty hard to upset. I mostly stick to Silent Hill forums where we "debate" (read; argue) against one another on a regular basis. >:) I have a pretty thick skin.

    It's nice to meet you too. So far the forms are nice, though I haven't had much of a chance to look through things in too much depth.
    I just wanted to get my thoughts on Kairi out, too, since some of them happened to clash with others... :c I'll stop, since I'm probably not doing much good, huh? I'm not asking anyone to like Kairi or saying it's wrong to dislike her. Then I would be a hypocrite, because there are some characters I know I hate. (Not in KH, though, they're in shows). I'm really glad I didn't upset you or anything, though! ^^

    It's very nice to meet you, then! :3 How are you liking the forums? :D
    That's not my intention. If you don't want me to, I won't, I suppose. I was just giving my opinion... Sorry. I really do think we're all free to our own opinion as to why I like her... I didn't mean to belittle any of your points, because you make excellent ones.

    Oh, and you're new, right? Welcome to KHI! :D Sorry if I came off as a jerk/hypocrite...
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