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  • LOL I KNOW! When is E3???? Where and when is it happening? Some poeple say LA and others say New York City....WHERE?!?!!?
    lol And then I see Phoenix of The white Crown, Galactus, Infiity (and his brothers and sisters)
    makeing the closet in the fake Disney Castle as the White Hot Room. lol
    Bwahahhahah I just got the image of the X-men, Dark Phoenix and spiderman killing people in Disney world....lol
    Awesomeness....And I know exactly what you mean dude.....It's like a ghost town when it comes to news....Does KHInsider always do this?
    Dude for real?!?!?!? *Twilight zone theme*
    Wow. That alot in common. Yeah he was my favorite....I really miss him. He was the coolest big brother ever.
    So what do you thinks going to happen next chapter?
    I read the fan subbed too.
    Are you up to the current chapter? I read mine on either mangastream or Onemanga. And sometimes saiyanisland.
    I really want to play it but your right....Even I got good guids the Kanji would throw me off.
    Your Naruto fan!?!?!
    Sweet! Me too. XD I also read the manga.
    And I totally agree...The japanese versions are much better. I hate dubbed and ever since I found out the diffrences of dubbed and original japnese I can see the lips don't add up....It sucks.
    And I don't know. I havn't even started yet.....What would you do?
    Thanks! Nice to know someone who gets what I mean.
    It's funny cause I love Japanese everything and I HATE dubbed. I wouldn't even mind it's just everytime theres a cutscene I don't want to go to YT and get see the translations.
    And yeah, lol It's my first
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