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  • D: don't worry I'm sure you did better than you think. hopefully.
    I best get back to studying lol, ttyl ;)
    Ah thats alright, I hardly come on here myself. Good to hear from ya though ;-)
    I should be studying for an exam right now but just don't feel like it =/

    English isn't so bad lol, its math thats ew! D: lol, good luck!
    Heey. Im doing alright thanks.
    You must be pretty busy these days eh, you're hardly ever on! What you upto?
    lolol actually i've been wanting to get in touch with ugh... i forgot her name, it's just i'm really disorganized X_X.... and yea i agree...whatever -_-
    the roleplay Obvious Beginings is up, look for it in the Original Roleplay section
    I should probably check if those used games I got will even work on my PS2. It has a tendency to not play games, so if they don't, I should probably return them. I just hope that they will take them tomorrow since it will be just after their seven day return policy.
    Very much so. Unfortunately, I never knew of this until a school field trip to Port Aransas. After having a massive crab dinner. Oh yeah, that turned out great afterwards. Nothing like projectile vomiting in front of your friend :/

    Also, yes.
    Sounds like lobster might be good if you aren't horribly allergic to shellfish >:

    Also, I did pretty well for myself for Black Friday.
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