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    Also, that quote you did of mine, asking for links, I'm only doing it to piss Raiden off because he said I'd freak out if they said shit about the 360. I could care less if people said shit, but yet when I say shit about the PS3, he tweaks out. Hypocritical.
    Omfg I hate the kid so fucking much. Yes I do. The thing is, I'm not trying to troll. But he doesn't read posts and understand them. You were talking about sells, and somehow, he thinks me quoting you, it was being directed at him. And I'm only a dick to him, nobody else. He says I suck at trolling, but yet he freaks out on every single one of my posts in that thread.

    But it's just that thread. Every other thread, I have no problem. Now, I'm just messing with the kid, he called me a troll, I'll act like one to him.
    i'm still just a toddler =( go easy on me
    I'll try to do better for you bb. <3
    Well yes DOS was a crappy system but at the time it was modeled to be revolutionary and like i said I got confused, I'm not God i'm allowed to make mistakes the only thing is to learn from it.
    Yes okay Unix was first, I did say that it wasn't and like i said I wrote down Linux in confusion, just like i wrote bout it in my second post and then edited it after i read it over again. But I still don't see where you come from saying that Gates stole the UNIX code cuz he had the XENIX os which was registered but when MS-Dos came out it was way different than UNIX so idk how gates stole it
    Well it has been open source but it was created over 9 years ago and it was where Linux was developed in. After that Linux started to be worked on as its own operating system.
    Well that is if you aren't considering MINIX which was a really low level GNU that really didn't do a lot more than what UNIX already did
    Umm no i changed my post before you had replied to it or while you were IDK when but Unix was released for free to a shitload of people in the 90's idk if it was to certain people but that made it in my opinion Open Source for a part of it considering its free. And Unix actually incorporated some characteristics from Linux into itself. And yes i am a programmer, I just get confused when naming Linux and Unix thus why i had to edit my post after i had already posted it. Btw you said that linux came out round 94 but it came out earlier than that if i remember correctly.
    I agree that Pedophilia is a major issue, and people should look out for that.

    But I also think that if a youth is considered intelligent and mature enough to properly moderate a site this large, they can handle pictures of penis' and breasts.
    They won't remove it.

    Seems to me you're simply a bit of a joke to them. Like a sophisticated Herman Melville. If you think they're doing something wrong, they won't listen. The way you went about trying to make a change didn't help, you know. Telling people you will report them to U.S. Government bureaus doesn't help their opinions of you. Of course, I may be thinking of someone else on that one.

    By the way, I respect your commitment and loyalty to the laws of the U.S.A, although I disagree with the laws in question.
    Well then...

    Still here?

    I have said it before, and I will say it again.

    No one ever leaves...

    haha dont worry, I added a bunch of shit for puxal and raiden too... we were just coming up with random tags...
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