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  • Awwzz....YOU IS MY LOVE MUFFIN!!!

    Haha...my brain is screwed. I've had Insomnia for the pass week!
    I loves it when you do that!
    OH, I'm doing awesome...
    How's my smexy love muffin doing today??
    XD wow you know whenever people tell me that, it still suprises me. I was raised in minnesota, where it hails during sring and summer, and snows during fall and winter. I moved to the west coast then one day in middle of class everyone flipped out and ran to the window and was like OMG *gasp* its snow. they all turned and saw me still sitting in my desk and I was like what its snow, you guys get it a lot in washington... don't you? LOL Suddenly I learned coastal washington recieves little snow, so this expected week-long snowstorm is something to behold.
    pretty sick. xD but as good as can be while sick. Anticipating 358/2 days even more, work usually takes my mind off of it, BUT with the midnight snow storm, we're kinda stuck at home. How about yerself?
    thanks for the ad. I love making new friends. I hope maybe you can check out my Xion theory. So How you doing?

    Atomic number 92, color silvery-white, commonly used in nuclear fuels...

    Someone let out my Chemistry nerd again.

    What uuuuuuuuuuuuuuup kkl? Lol!
    hello Tp how ya doing thought I would drop in and say hello witha uranium bomb straped to me mwhahahahah you cant stop me mwhahaha (coughs) cant breath (falls to the ground)
    Your Welcome...
    *huggies* DONT FAINT ON ME!!
    ^^ I Wub You Kywie!!
    cool I =us to do track shot put and discos but it got boring well I need to go set up a new pokemon rp so I will chat with ya later
    lol VENGEANCE!!
    That's pretty sweet you're second best. Congratulations!

    Sports? Well, I run track: middle distances (I sprint when I feel like it :p nya) Other than that, I'm not really interested in team sports.
    Yep I am very good I am the sceond best on are schools team the top is a senior named jaredme and him are still at it though I WILL BEAT YOU BEFORE YOU LEAVE THIS YEAR JARED lol

    so what have you been up to do ya do any sports
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