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  • yo hey love your axel fanclub.
    can you tell me if this is somebodies avatar and if not could i please take it?
    its all right if you say no, mine will do.
    like your posts so i thought i could just say hi and talk a bit ,
    if this goes well we could be friends someday but until then....
    ohh i like your avatar!
    I need your help with the FC when you come back one.Mada wants me to add a vid but I have no idea how to do that sorry to bother but I really suck at this suff ._.
    Thank you. It's nice to see someone try to understand the story for what it truly is and not warping it beyond all recognition.
    They're zip.

    What do you DO with a Zip file? How do you unzip it? I always seem to be missing a step. (sigh)
    I tried. It won't let me! Do I need to put an 'e' down first or something?

    I wish I could fire effects on WMM. :( But I HAVE figured out how to do 2 effects, I think.
    Alright. I think I'll Roxas Namine (ugh, can't do it) but I'm switching Phantom Songs. to either Think of Me or All I Ask of You. I'll save Point of No Return for Axel/Larxene
    I'm thinking Namine, (how do you get that accent?) but who knows.

    I feel bad, because the song is all about sex and rape. So, then I don't think I should do that couple, but it Namine fits the Christine there.

    I'm thinking about doing Point of No Return with Roxas as The Phantom. Who should be Christine?
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