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  • My real name is Jasmine, and I use RuffPuff as a username everywhere else. I used to be Lil-IBeatSephy, then I changed to Showdown just because I couldn't stand my old one. When I changed my username, someone gave me green rep. xD
    I'm gonna be getting money soon, and I'm ready to drive now. :p
    It's just the getting to it part I have trouble with. xD
    My mum suggested I go, it's weird. She said "do you want to go to that gaming convention in Brisbane?". She didn't actually say convention, I remember correcting her, lol. She's also been telling me to learn how to drive already. o_O
    Maybe I shouldn't have asked, because I don't know if that's good for an outing. xD
    Do tickets cost a lot? Are there even tickets? EDIT: Wait, it's probably an entry fee. :p
    So what kind of gaming content would they have? I think I've heard of voice actors talking to fans, but that's about it. :<
    This conversation has broken down to cookies, controllers and you saying awesome. D:
    Are you doing anything interesting?
    What about the 3DS XL? That things HUGE! D: And now I've got a Wii card to get Paper Mario, so I gotta hold the Wii controller too! D:
    And I've heard much of these Darkside-cookies, but have yet to hear about someone getting them... >_>
    Well, I don't have any reason not to. :p I've just been playing one at a time latley.
    And you'll never make me go to the darkside! >~>
    I brought Monkey Island yesterday. :D I haven't played it yet.. Also, Ghost Trick arrived in the mail today! :D
    D: And stealing is wrong! D: D: D:
    Well then, I'll buy it today before the sale finishes! :D I like to fence sit until last minute, I've found. xD
    I want to buy the TWEWY soundtrack for my MP3 player, too. It's really irritating that the ending theme isn't on the CD. In fact, it isn't anywhere... well, not anywhere where I can get it legally, anyway. :B
    Oh.. I'm thinkin' of getting Monkey Island. It's $9 on PSN right now. :p
    Also, I got a MP3 player. It's full of Pink, Bon Jovi and KH music. :D It was $14.48.
    Gross, cake leftovers? No half-eaten cake for me, thanks. xD
    Also, random question, have you ever played The Secret of Monkey Island?
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