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  • Nah, nothing specific. I did one on his Duel Wielding but that was easy. The actual wielding - no idea save for the belief Xion had to do with it.

    Well, we'll have to wait and see about that. However Xemnas and XH show that Memories can be accessed through several parts of the being at the same time, as both remembered their time as the Apprentice.
    I expected a bit more out of Xion as well XD; not that I'd end up guessing her story in full @_@;;;

    KH does tend to go with the obvious answers. Though ironically that's exactly why I still think my Xion's related to Riku's wielding theory might hold true, after re-watching Snarl of Memories last night. @@; no other way to explain that one aside from a relation between them, and not through Sora.

    Eh. Xehanort the apprentice is far too Terra-like to be only MX. IT's not a younger MX we're talking about - it's a tanned, white haired Terra.
    I got me a couple of theories and that's it. No more guessing the entire game right like I did with Days XD
    A guy I dislike greatly is treated like a god there for no apparent reason to me. I think you know who it is.

    I saw a few scans but avoiding the translations and such. And most of the threads in the FoKH.
    I ever even knew there were more websites like this
    I've been going here since 04'
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